Chance's map is a location in the Mojave Wasteland by a couple of route markers for Trail 160. It contains a map drawn in the dirt and a hollowed-out rock which contains some small loot.


This map was carved by the blade of Chance's knife and McMurphy's finger in the graphic novel All Roads, though the locations were noticeably different to what appeared in the game itself, and it included no props for locations. All notable locations had their names or acronyms drawn in the dirt, the only special marker on the map was where Chance dug his knife into the dirt, digging a crater where New Vegas should've been. The map is located overlooking the Red Rock Canyon, rather than resting outside of it near a highway. It is likely nothing more than another continuity error between the graphic novel and the game.[1]


It is to the northwest of Nopah Cave and Vault 3. A small enclosure, with the map drawn on the ground near a hollowed-out rock with "the sun is killing me" written on it. The map is littered with items that vaguely represent locations or landmarks that are important to the map, for instance The Fort is a Legion coin, and where Black Mountain is there's a Stealth Boy. None of the items may be picked up, however.

Map Legend
  • Items in the map are figurative of the items they represent. For example, Black Mountain is a Stealth Boy; in addition to the nightkin residing there, the Stealth Boy has a small radio dish antenna on it.
  • The deep grooves represent the major highways in and around New Vegas fairly well. When trying to identify what a piece of scrap in the map means, check the proportions of the highways against the highway maps in your Pip-Boy.
  • The can of turpentine represents the Strip, and basically all of downtown New Vegas.
  • The cherry bombs in the north east represent the Boomers at Nellis Air Force Base.
  • The rock in the upper northwest probably represents Jacobstown.
  • The Legion Denarius in the east represents the Fort.
  • The empty whiskey bottle is Hoover Dam.
  • In the far southwest of the map, the two tall bottles represent the giant ranger statues at the Mojave Outpost.
  • In the west, the stick of dynamite represents Powder Ganger territory. Comparing to the Pip-Boy's map, it's at the Powder Ganger camp west.
  • The tall beer bottle in the middle of the map is probably the REPCONN test site.
  • The deathclaw claw is Quarry Junction.
  • By gauging from Quarry Junction, the tin can in the west may be referencing the water tower near Goodsprings.
  • The rock north of it is most likely Red Rock Canyon.
  • East of the Stealth Boy is a shard of mirror representing HELIOS One.
  • The tin can in the south is Camp Searchlight.
  • The bottle of water is Cottonwood Cove.
  • The other tin can a bit south-southeast from the shard of mirror representing Helios One is Novac.
  • The bullet cases in the southwest represent Nipton.

Notable lootEdit

There's a hollowed-out rock next to the place which can be opened, and usually contains ammunition.


Fast traveling here may spawn a Legionary assassin party, depending on the Courier's reputation with Caesar's Legion.


Chance's map appears in the graphic novel All Roads and in Fallout: New Vegas.


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