Chance was a Great Khans member in the Mojave Wasteland in 2281. He appeared in the graphic novel All Roads and as a mentioned only character in Fallout: New Vegas.


Chance was a member of the Great Khans and a survivor of the Bitter Springs Massacre. He had very long blond hair, a muscular build and berserker style melee fighting techniques. He was also a drug using mute, psychologically scarred by the New California Republic massacre of his tribe.

On their way to intercept the Courier, Chance almost single-handedly took out a large force of drugged-up Fiends rampaging near Goodsprings at the tribal village. Fueled by a flashback of the Bitter Springs Massacre and withdrawals from his chems, he blindly charged into battle. Benny was less than pleased, however the Great Khans demonstrate significant loyalty in backing up Chance's drug fueled counter rampage. During one portion of the fight Chance exhibited great physical strength and damage threshold by bending a flamer nozzle (currently blasting him with fire) back onto its user.

Following the events of the battle, as Chance lays on the ground severely wounded, Benny asks him if he wants to end his life to be with the ones who died at Bitter Springs. Benny leaves him the vial of psycho he got from Swank, which was used before to kill a Singer who, like Chance, couldn't let go of his past. Chance decides to take it, in an effort to return to the times before Bitter Springs, and dies as a result. When they began to bury him, Benny suggested they should leave him to rot, an opinion quickly changed when the Great Khans intimidated him. Benny, defeated in the argument, says he is going on ahead and left them to bury their friend.