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Your knowledge of robotic components allows you to break them more easily and salvage their mechanical corpses. You have a +25% chance to score critical hits against robots, and you'll also find more useful components on robots you destroy.— In-game description

Certified Tech is a perk in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Lonesome Road.


Taking this perk grants a passive ability where upon death, a robot has an 85% chance of containing 1 fission battery, 2 scrap metals, 2 sensor modules and 3 scrap electronics that can be looted. It also grants a 25% increase to critical chance against robots (see bugs).


  • The perk effect only triggers on robots that are killed directly by the player character, not by a companion.
  • The items generated by the perk are added to the items normally spawned on a robot when killed, not replacing them.
  • Combining the perk with a high Science skill allows an Energy Weapons-focused character to acquire significant amounts of energy cells by using the fission batteries in conjunction with 5 drained small energy cells to create 25-unit batches of them at a workbench.
  • The perk works with any member of the "robot" creature type, independent of faction or other indicators. This includes robots from other add-ons, such as robo-scorpions in Old World Blues but does not include cyberdogs.
  • Due to the bugs associated with this perk, the bonus to critical hit chance against robots has been severely decreased, almost to the point of complete ineffectiveness. The highest boost this perk could provide is a mere +1% critical hit chance in specific situations. Weapons that have the common ×.0 or ×.5 multipliers will not be affected by this perk; however, weapons with more niche multipliers can. For example, a silenced .22 SMG (0.23× multiplier) being used with 10 Luck and no other bonuses would have a critical hit chance of 2.3%, but only 2% after rounding. With this perk, the +0.25% would create a 2.55% chance, which would therefore become a 3% chance after rounding.

Behind the scenes[]

There is an unused SPEL "NVDLC04CertifiedTechPerkEffect," observable through the GECK. Based on the use of "Increased Sneak" at magnitude 15, at some point of development the Certified Tech perk would have made it easier to sneak - presumably versus robots. The Honest Hearts companion perk Quiet As The Waters is similar in concept, but instead uses a script to reduce the targets' Perception by 3.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Rather than a flat 25% increase to critical hit chance against robots, the Certified Tech perk incorrectly attempts to add a flat 0.25% increase to critical hit chance. Due to the nature of the bonus being flat and unaffected by weapon modifiers, rounding will likely reduce the addition to zero, almost completely nullifying the perk's effects on critical hit chance.[verified]