The central sewers are a location in the Mojave Wasteland, located underneath New Vegas in 2281.


In the north section of the sewers is a room with "Blind" Luke, a corpse that contains one of the two Luke's Finds, a key to open the sealed sewers. The other key is on the corpse of "Sweet" Jill in the east central sewers. The room located in between the two east central sewers' doors contains several feral ghouls including a glowing one. A worn key in the inventory of the glowing one can be found. A terminal with access to central sewers control is also located here.

The southwest room near the sealed sewers is inhabited by five Fiends. The exit marked "Mojave Wasteland" is an exit to Camp McCarran. It is guarded by NCR troopers. There are two dead prospectors in this location. One is in a room off to the left of the long north-south tunnel on the east side of the map. The other is near the center of the map where several tunnels intersect.

Notable loot


The central sewers appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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