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This is a transcript for dialogue with Census taker.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 CBZ09_Census_InitialScene 00528B72 Adjusting internal expectation data tables...
2 00528B73 Lowering expectation values... (almost as if sad) prerecorded but the shtick is robot is lonely
3 00528B74 Loading additional creativity subroutines... (almost a pep talk) diagnostic like verbalizations
4 00528B62 Human life forms detected... (almost as if you are happy) prerecorded but the shtick is robot is lonely and is now happy humans are around
5 00528B63 Human life form detected... (almost as if you are happy) prerecorded but the shtick is robot is lonely and is now happy humans are around
6 00528B69 Citizens. about to issue an order
7 00528B6A Citizen. about to issue an order
8 00528B64 By authority granted under Section 5A Subsection 7.2 of the Patriotic Patriots of America True Patriotism Act, you are drafted to assist the Census.
9 00528B76 You shall assist the tallying of life forms - error... abruptly cutting off, computer processing determines this is the incorrect line to say...
10 Of human life forms - error...
11 Of living human life forms - error...
12 Of citizens in the designated area.
13 00528B67 One moment please... Querying primary directives data base... Error.
14 Removing creativity subroutines...
15 00528B6B Warning: Current Census tally contains non-human citizens.
16 Operational Parameter: Removing previously tallied entity disallowed. Exception: entity has expired.
17 00528B68 Citizen Volunteers. Be advised. Our current objective: repair Census tally by forceful expiration of non-human citizens.
18 00528B65 One moment please...
19 Improvised Solution: remove non-human citizen tallies by forceful expiration.
20 CBZ09_CensusShared_Scanning 00528B6C Scanning for life forms... diagnostic like verbalizations
21 CBZ09_CensusShared_Calibrating 00528B6D Calibrating scan parameters.... diagnostic like verbalizations
22 CBZ09_Census_ShutdownTopic 00529A19 Thank you citizens. Census correction applied. Shutting down to perform for deep analytics. Have a pleasant day.
23 CBZ09_RobotTaunt_50 00529A1B Census error correction application underway.
24 00529A1C Citizen volunteers, your continued assistance is requested.
25 00529A1D Forcible termination is required for accurate Census data.
26 00529A1E You may send complaints with this use of force to the Census Bureau's department of Citizen Complaint and Oversight.
27 00529A1F Removing incorrect tallies in Census data.