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You may send complaints with this use of force to the Census Bureau's department of Citizen Complaint and Oversight.

The census taker is a Protectron encountered in the Cranberry Bog in Appalachia.


The census taker needs to be defended while the Vault Dweller fixes its count through killing incorrectly tallied creatures, during Census Violence. The Protectron volunteers the player character for help with the census by invoking a section of the Patriotic Patriots of America True Patriotism Act.[1]


The census taker has a hidden health regeneration perk, as well as another perk that reduces incoming damage by 75%, allowing it to endure in combat during the quest much longer than normal.

Interactions with the player character

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The census taker appears only in Fallout 76.


  1. Census Taker: "By authority granted under Section 5A Subsection 7.2 of the Patriotic Patriots of America True Patriotism Act, you are drafted to assist the Census."
    (Census taker's dialogue)