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There's only one way to fix the incorrect Census tally... murder.

Event: Census Violence is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Defend a robotic census taker as he is attacked by waves of enemies.

Detailed walkthrough

Start by interacting with the census taker. After he is done talking he will begin a five minute countdown where the Vault Dweller should defend him. During this time he wanders around while waves of enemies spawn. After the timer is up the quest is completed. If the Census Taker is destroyed, the quest is failed.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Meet the Census takerI should investigate this Census Taker robot.
Defend the Census takerA Census Taker robot has apparently been counting non-humans. It needs to fix the count by killing the things it previously counted. I'll go along for the ride.



  • Random plan
  • Random ammo
  • Random aid item
  • Random plan/armor/mod/weapon
  • Chance for legendary weapon/armor
  • Chance for marine armor mods
  • Chance for marine underarmor mods


  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The health bar for the census taker is not displayed by the quest tracker interface.[verified]
  • PCPC Xbox OneXbox One Playstation 4Playstation 4 The census taker may use generic combat barks when engaged in combat.[verified]