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Cazador eggs are a consumable item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Cazador eggs may be harvested for the quest Bleed Me Dry.

Survival skill effect

SkillEffectHardcore effect
10+1 Hit Point for 4s-18 Starvation 
20+1 Hit Point for 4s-21 Starvation 
30+1 Hit Point for 4s-24 Starvation 
40+1 Hit Point for 4s-27 Starvation 
50+2 Hit Point for 4s-30 Starvation 
60+2 Hit Point for 4s-33 Starvation 
70+2 Hit Point for 4s-36 Starvation 
80+2 Hit Point for 4s-39 Starvation 
90+2 Hit Point for 4s-42 Starvation 
100+3 Hit Point for 4s-45 Starvation 
Note: Radiation is not affected by Survival skill level.


  • They are predominately found on the corpses of cazadores.
  • They can sometimes be found in the inventory of traveling traders or merchants.