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There are two locations called cave in the Glowing Sea in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The first cave is located halfway between the edge of the Glowing Sea and Crater of Atom, and slightly northeast of the capsized factory; the second is located further south, just below the southern border of the map, slightly south-west of the vertibird wreckage.

The first cave's entrance is located in a small trench, leading straight into a flooded tunnel with walls lined with scrap. In the center of the tunnel (as part of the cave itself) is the wreck of a flipped over bus, where a radscorpion or deathclaw may spawn. The cave itself has an L-shape, and can be traversed in a matter of seconds, ending a few feet away from an unmarked Red Rocket station. The Red Rocket station has a small interior consisting of three rooms, one containing a master locked safe, and another a button to open the station's rolling shutter, revealing a car with a wooden crate in its trunk.

The entrance to the second cave is a hole covered by metal scrap tucked into a hillside. Located between relay tower 0DB-521 and Crater of Atom and northwest of Skylanes Flight 1665. The interior is lined with debris, similar to the first cave, and takes the form of a small crescent-shaped hallway carved in the hill that has open exits a few feet away from each other. Inside is a power armor frame with raider power armor next to a dead raider and the ham radio broadcasting the distress signal.

Notable loot


These caves appear only in Fallout 4.


  • Icon pc.png Icon ps4.png Icon xboxone.png The body of the raider may not be present in the second cave. Therefore, only the raider power armor and ham radio are inside the cave when the Sole Survivor first arrives. [verified]
  • Icon pc.png Icon xboxone.png The raider power armor may not spawn upon arriving at the cave. [verified]