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The Cats poetry night tapes are a series of three holotapes in Fallout 4.


All tapes can be found at the Atom Cats garage.

  • Cats poetry night tape 1 - in the bus-home in the compound.
  • Cats poetry night tape 2 - on a counter in the bar area.
  • Cats poetry night tape 3 - in the gas station store, in the room with the two beds on a nightstand.


Poetry night tape 1

Zeke: Alright, Cats. I call this one "Metal Heart."

Metal legs. Metal arms. Metal heart.
Tool of war. Tool of peace. Tool of art?
I get into my suit and I strut through the wastes.
No fear. Untouchable!

The flames on my suit burning. Rising. Glowing.
The flames are hot, but I am cool.
I walk. I run. I ride.
My hands are strong. I am a man.
No. More than a man!
Because man, I have a metal heart.

Thank you.

Poetry night tape 2

Bluejay: I wrote this one about this thing that happened to me the other day. I call it "Hard Shell, Soft Meat."

A walk on the beach. Doing my thing. Staying cool.
A thing breaks the surface of the dark water.
A pair of claws under a dome of gnarly shell. I'm caught off guard.
Beady little eyes look at me from deep within the shell.
Beady little eyes full of hunger, full of rage.
I pull out my gun, and shoot!
But the bullets only bounce. Off that crusty shell.
Those beady eyes narrow as the shelled devil grows angrier and angrier.

He comes at me. Faster than before.
A bullet finds its way through a crack in the dome.
The demon screeches in pain.
Those beady eyes close, for the last time.
I reap the spoils from the kill.
And I think. This thing and I, we are kind of the same.
For, I too, am soft meat under a hard shell.

Thank you.

Poetry night tape 3

Rowdy: Uh, so I'm Rowdy. And um, I wrote this poem.
Zeke: You're doin' fine. What's it called?
Rowdy: Um, it's called 'An ode to my hammer'.
Bluejay: You got this, Rowdy.
Rowdy: An ode to my hammer, so heavy and nice... I'm sorry. I can't do this.
Zeke: Rowdy, come back! Can someone turn off the recorder...