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This is a transcript for dialogue with Cathy.


1ConvDiamondCityJohnCathy01Scene0013AAFDJohn: Hey Ma. I was thinking of trying out a new look. Wanna be my guinea pig?{you're always hard on your son, especially if he's trying something new / Stern} Not if it's going to be like the last mess you tried on me.John: The top bun? Ma, that was the most popular haircut in town for weeks! All the ladies in the Upper Stands wanted one.A1a
20013AAFBJohn: The top bun? Ma, that was the most popular haircut in town for weeks! All the ladies in the Upper Stands wanted one.{Stern} And all of those were better than the half-assed job you did on me. You don't practice enough, Johnny. I keep telling you, but you don't listen.John: Oh, I listen. All I friggin' do is listen...A1a
3ConvDiamondCityJohnCathy02Scene0013AAF9John: No Ma. You haven't. And for the record, me and Pa got on great.{upset that your son isn't measuring up to his father / Stern} Your father was a real hair stylist, John. He never resorted to the cheap tricks and shortcuts you always pull.John: Maybe that was because he just wanted to paint, Ma!A1a
40013AAF7{upset with your son over some prior argument, you decide to push his buttons to get back at him / Stern} John, have I told you today how much your father would be disappointed in you?John: No Ma. You haven't. And for the record, me and Pa got on great.A1a
50013AAF6John: Maybe he thought if he did everything perfect, you'd get off his back, and he'd have time to be himself.{angry but also sad and upset that you never seem to get through to your son / Angry} And why is that so hard for you, huh? Is it so wrong that I want you to be the best?John: I ain't havin' this conversation again, Ma. Just let me work, okay?A1a


6ConvDiamondCityMS13PaulDiesDarcy03Scene0008A180Darcy: Cathy, have you seen Paul around? He's... well, he's missing, and I'm getting worried about him.{everyone knows Darcy was cheating on her husband Paul / Puzzled} You're worried? I thought that would be a wish come true for you.Darcy: Why would you say that? I love Paul!A1a
70008A17EDarcy: Why would you say that? I love Paul!{scolding, you think Darcy is an idiot / Stern} At least you loved his money. When he had any.Darcy: I don't have to stand here and listen to this.A1a


8CathyGreetScene000A7D2D{player walks into your salon as you're gossiping about the mayor's secretary} You there. Talk some sense into my nitwit son. McDonough's secretary. Is she a synth?Player Default: She's a synth. Definitely.A
9Well, do you think McDonough's secretary is a synth or not?Player Default: She's a synth. Definitely.A
100013A03CPlayer Default: She's a synth. Definitely.{Happy} Finally. Someone with some sense.A1a
110013A03BPlayer Default: No. I don't think so.{Irritated} *sigh* Everyone around me is a moron.B1a
120013A03APlayer Default: No idea.{Stern} You don't know? What? Born without a brain between your ears?X1a
130013A039Player Default: What?{Puzzled} You know what a synth is, right? Those machine people the Institute makes? Look and act just like the real thing?Y1a
14{secretly jealous, bitter / Disgust} Only I think they made Geneva a little too perfect. No woman looks like she does. All... perky.Y1b
15So she's a synth, right? She has to be.Player Default: She's a synth. Definitely.Y1c
16Player Default: What?{shocked that the player doesn't know a very basic fact about the world. "Southie" refers to "South Boston" / Disbelief} Oh my god. Really? What hole did they drag you out of? Southie?Y2a
17{Disgust} The Institute are the ones who kidnap people. Replace them with synths? Not that McDonough would ever admit it. Paper's right about him.Y2b
18Are you going to answer my question? Geneva. Is she a synth?Player Default: She's a synth. Definitely.Y2c
19CathyGreetSceneTrailoff010013A430John: You seriously going to take the opinion of some random stranger over your own son?{Stern} If someone off the street can tell Geneva is one of those machine people, then so should you.John: You JUST said no one could TELL the difference, Ma. Now will you leave my customers alone?A1a
20CathyGreetSceneTrailoff020013A42DJohn: We're idiots? Just because we disagree with you?{you were arguing about whether the mayor's secretary was a synth / Irritated} She's a synth, Johnny. Anyone with a brain in their head can figure that out.John: You were JUST saying no one could TELL the difference, Ma. You wanna lay off?A1a
21CathyGreetSceneTrailoff030013A429John: You JUST said no one could tell the difference, Ma. He don't know if Geneva's a synth, and neither do you, so could you lay off?{Stern} Don't you talk to your mother that way, Johnny.A1a
22-WaitingForPlayerInput{player is just standing there not saying anything / Puzzled} What are you? An idiot? Say something.
23{player is just standing there not saying anything / Puzzled} Not too quick, are you?
24{player is just standing there not saying anything / Puzzled} Forgotten how to speak?
25Hello{general hellos to the player} I'm on break, dearie.
26{general hellos to the player} You want a haircut? Talk to Johnny.
27{general hellos to the player} You look terrible. Have my boy John straighten that mess on your head.
28{general hellos to the player} Johnny can make you look a little less ridiculous.
29{general hellos to the player} Can't a woman have some peace?
30{general hellos to the player} You need a haircut? My boy John's right over there.
31{general hellos to the player} The Salon's closed, so don't bother me.
32{general hellos to the player} Now where are my cigarettes?
33{general hellos to the player} What is it? I'm tired, dear.
34{general hellos to the player} Oh, go away. I'm busy.
35{general hellos to the player} What? Can't get a moment to myself?
36{begin with a cough, general hellos to the player} What is it?


37-0015371D{a man has another man at gunpoint, you're in the crowd watching / Nervous} He's going to shoot him. Just you watch.A
38{the police just shot a crazed gunman, you're closing your store / Nervous} Well that nonsense just ruined my whole day...A


39SalonIntroScene0002175EJohn: The mayor's secretary? Come on, ma, I cut her hair myself, and I know human hair.{scolding your son for not agreeing with you / Stern} That's just it, Johnny. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference.A1a
40{still talking about Synths, there's another rumor that McDonough is a Synth, and you know that Synth bleed just like real humans / Stern} If you nicked McDonough with your razor, he'd bleed. Don't mean nothin'.Ann: Mmmhmm.A1b
41000057EB{at the hair salon, talking loudly about gossip while you work. you think the mayor's secretary is a Synth, a synthetic person / Suspicious} If anyone is... one of those things, it's that secretary of his. Her and her perfect hair.Ann: Mmmhmm.A1a