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You look terrible. Have my boy John straighten that mess on your head.— Cathy

Cathy is a hair stylist living in Diamond City, in 2287.


Cathy is the mother of John, who followed in his parent's footsteps in cosmetology.[1] Together, they run Kathy & John's Super Salon in the Diamond City market. As her son cuts and styles hair, Cathy will gossip with the customer, frequently in regards to what residents are or are not synths.[2]

The player can overhear Cathy's criticism of her son, in that he is not measuring up to the skill of his father. When she tells him that his father would be disappointed in him, John shrugs it off, mentioning that "he and [his] Pa got along great." Before Cathy can escalate the conversation further, her son says he will not have the conversation again, and asks her to just allow him to work.[3]

Cathy's conversations with other residents are similar in sentiment. Darcy Pembroke may approach Cathy, looking for her husband Paul. Darcy shares that her husband is missing, and she is beginning to worry about him. Cathy asks why she is worried, and comments that she thought it would be Darcy's dream come true. Darcy retorts, asking why she would say such a thing, and affirms her love for her husband. In response, Cathy replies that Darcy indeed loved his money, when he had any, to which Darcy says she doesn't have to stand there and listen any longer.[4]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character has no special interactions.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Mechanic jumpsuit John and Jessica's house key

Notable quotes

  • "If anyone is one of those things, its that secretary of his, her and her perfect hair.."
  • "If you nicked McDonough with your razor, he'd bleed. Don't mean nothin'."


Cathy appears only in Fallout 4.


  • On the Super Salon's sign, her name is spelled with a 'k' instead of a 'c'.



  1. Cathy: "Your father was a real hair stylist, John. He never resorted to the cheap tricks and shortcuts you always pull."
    (Cathy's dialogue)
  2. Cathy: "If anyone is... one of those things, it's that secretary of his. Her and her perfect hair."
    Ann Codman: "Mmmhmm."
    (Cathy's dialogue)
  3. Cathy: "John, have I told you today how much your father would be disappointed in you?"
    John: "No Ma. You haven't. And for the record, me and Pa got on great. Maybe he thought if he did everything perfect, you'd get off his back, and he'd have time to be himself."
    Cathy: "And why is that so hard for you, huh? Is it so wrong that I want you to be the best?"
    John: "I ain't havin' this conversation again, Ma. Just let me work, okay?"
    (Cathy's dialogue)
  4. Darcy Pembroke: "Cathy, have you seen Paul around? He's... well, he's missing, and I'm getting worried about him."
    Cathy: "You're worried? I thought that would be a wish come true for you."
    Darcy Pembroke: "Why would you say that? I love Paul!"
    Cathy: "At least you loved his money. When he had any."
    Darcy Pembroke: "I don't have to stand here and listen to this."
    (Cathy's dialogue)