It was said that the number of your companions varies. Someone can bring more than 2 companions with dogmeat. For example, Charon and Fawkes follow at the same time.

Some players say you can have only one follower and dogmeat at a time even without dogmeat.

Sometimes NPC tells you your party is full and can't join. So I start to guess it has something to do whit your charisma just like fallout2.

Anyone knows anything about this?

Should Syndey be added to this list?

Multi Companions (more than 1)Edit

There's a glitch that you can get more than one companion (not counting Dogmeat of course). It's simply expressed as, first you need to recruit someone, tell him that he's fired, get another companion and talk the fired one to get back. There are some restrictions however, if you visit hometowns of these companions, they can leave you, or some of them need to be recruited before others. It's a bug, normally you can only have Dogmeat and 1 companion that you want. Though, I suspect that some companions (like Charon) could be considered as a "mercanary" rather than a companion, or it's just a bug. Goekhan 15:03, 13 November 2008 (UTC)

Temporary joinable non-player characters in Fallout 3 Edit

Should temporary joinable non-player characters in Fallout 3, such as Sticky, Red, and Shorty, be added in this category. They do follow you and you can equip them with armor such as Power armor. Or should we create a separate category for them. Or just leave it has it is. One thing about all of them is that they can wear Power Armor. Super Mario 126 04:49, 14 November 2008 (UTC)

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