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    Fallout 76 has turned 1 year old. Happy birthday?

    Fallout News Stuffs: A Fallout 76 dataminer who has operated the "Map76" tool for FO76 has reportedly been banned from the game, following an incident in which he discovered a legendary items acquirement exploit and proceeded to report the exploit to Bethesda. According to him, he had already dropped all the exploited legendary items from his inventory, but was banned anyway due to an apparent lack of cross-communication between Bethesda's moderators and bug-reporting staff. Following some time of asking for a refund of his Fallout 1st subscription, Bethesda initially refused, but finally granted him the refund some time later as "an exception." To date, the player and several other members of his group remain banned ingame. As a result, the player in question has shut down access to Map76 for now.

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  • Leea

    Ah, my bed. I have had it for...I think since i was 6? It was huge for me then, but now i barely fit in it (its a twin size). The padding wore off years ago, and I have layers upon layers of foam pads to combat the springs coming to get me in my sleep (either poking me or nudging me). And they aren't even dull-tipped; they're sharp. Bad design flaw. I flipped over the bed but its only a matter of time until that side of springs gets me, too. I'd buy another mattress, but they're expensive, and we don't have that much money in the first place and no way in hell am I going to get a used one! I guess when it gets really bad I'll either be sleeping on an air mattress or a bed made from folded blankets as a mattress.

    "Ticking" was the old way bedding used to be. Rich people had feather beds (a large rectangle cloth sack with a drawstring that was filled with stuffing); poorer people tended to have straw ticking. I.e., their mattresses were chock full of hay. It got changed every year or so, bu…

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  • AssassinZ05

    This is what people get when they are loyal to this game and its community. The creator of Map76 has been banned just for testing an exploit in Fallout 76 then reporting it to the developers. If they are going to punish loyal fallout fans then they might as well punish me and anyone else who have been playing fallout for days, months, years, decades, it doesn't matter how long, we are always loyal when we play their games. I just want Bethesda to know that Fallout fans can only take so much of these issues, if they would stop caring about money and start caring about making quality games, then fans may begin trusting them again. I hope that they will start fixing the problems with Fallout 76 with better patches that don't introduce new glitches and exploits. I hope that I will get the message through to everyone that they don't care about your or me, all they care about is money. Thank you for listening to me rant on about this, have a good day. Follow link to a video on this: https:/…

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