Kdarrow Kdarrow 46 minutes ago

Today in the Mojave Wasteland - You Could Be the Next Mayor of Nipton!

Nipton is for sale again, half-price this time, for the low price of 8,000 caps, err $2.75 million.

Since I moved out here, the not-yet set-to-the-flame town of Nipton has been sold twice. If you remember, I was as pissed as a wet hornet when the cannabis company bought it and changed all the signs (STILL MAD) awhile back. Thanks to my friend, the not-corrupt current mayor, and my interference by way of incessant complaining to him, the wagon signs we all know and love were moved to the parking lot from the side of NV-164 and saved from any tampering. Same with the coca-cola sign inside the trading post and the lottery signs all over the damn place. Mmm nostalgia, I will fight for you!

I swung into town last night to talk to the good mayor and got the scoop over some tasty scotch. I asked him what was going on and he answered with a laugh, "well, the owners didn't pay their bills" and I guess that about sums it up. I asked him if I should buy it and he was amused, saying he could think …

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NomadicNom NomadicNom 2 days ago

Fallout Friday Polls, 208th Edition

Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

I begin with an email from Leea directed to y'all.

{{Quotation|Hey guys, it's me! I'm no longer your Poll Host on the Legendary Saturday Polls (it was a good five years, though), but Nomad's been kind to let me have a bit of his page, so now you have Leea's Corner, where I can continue to boggle people's minds with Trivia or have my Thought of the Week. I can't reply to any of your comments (this new editor is simply not compatible with my internet), but know that I will be watching in a non-scary sort of way.

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Richie9999 Richie9999 3 days ago

Listening with The Law Episode 29

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