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    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Bleh. End of February already? Even with the leap day tomorrow, feels like it went by pretty quickly. Anyhow, looks like it's the first February leap since I started doing polls, so here's a poll for that.

    And in meantime, I've been revisiting Vault 87... which means Big Town. Time to discuss our favorite little hated character.

    This Week's Polls

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  • Leea

    The last post of February. Valentine's Day was a bust, if you must know... =( Just as bust as last year. =/

    Velcro was invented by a guy (no longer remember his name...sorry!) who went on a walk with his dog and saw later cockleburrs on its fur. As he pulled them off, he marveled at how they stuck to the creature's fur, so he went home and invented the Velcro. The "fluffy" side was the fur (obviously) and the "sticky" side was the cockleburr (the little hooks). However, I don't think he saw that way in the future that velcro on clothes that get washed eventually doesn't work anymore due to the lint and whatnot that can get embedded in the hooked part and make it non-"sticky" anymore. Make sure to pull out lint in velcro in laundered items when you see it not work anymore to prevent having to replace it...which is a whole other headache.

    Ssslllooowwww nnnneeewwwssss tttiiiimmmeeeessss...

    Would you rather be in a laxative commercial, a fiber commercial, or a toilet paper commercial? (live …

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  • Leea

    I don't know how long I'll go on with these types of questions; you can make so many different kinds!

    In Vermont, it is illegal to whistle underwater.

    Tell me, how would you go about doing that in the first place to even break the law? You can't whistle underwater unless you want to drown in the process.

    Slow time for Fallout news.

    Would you rather have a ton of casual friends or just a few very good friends? (this is assuming that casual friends stay casual and don't become any deeper; of course casual friends can become good friends, but this question assumes they stay casual forever)

    • Just a handful of good friends. What good are Fair Weather Friends when they are only around for the good times and never the bad, too? I like deep connections and try to keep them; there's nothing better than a good friend.

    If you were on a deserted island, what would be the very first thing that you would do?

    • Build a shelter. Make a door so that the denizens (animals, of course) of the island don't get you! …

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