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    Fallout Friday Polls are here! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Fallout News Stuffs: The Project Clean Appalachia event's challenge "Take Out the Trash" has exceeded initial expectations: The first reward, a Purveyor Murmrgh sale, has already been unlocked following the required 8 million Scorched kills. Apparently, in this week alone, 14.6 million Scorched have been killed, and there's still next week to go. Keep up the work, folks.

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  • Leea

    Its raining outside, which it hasn't done in...God, I can't remember how long. I can feel the cool breeze through the open window, and I'm happy because it has nothing to do with the air conditioner!

    There's a road machine (for repairing/constructing roads) called a "gang vibrator". I have no idea what it does, or even what it looks like (I read a blurb about it in a book), because I'm not going to look it up on the internet and get something disgusting instead of the road equipment I was looking for.

    This month's seasonal event has been announced for FO76. Mischief Night will run from October 29 to November 5, in which players will be able to take part in "tricks, treats, and a little costumed mayhem" at the Whitespring. Players will be encouraged to bring a few weapons to defend themselves once the Whitespring's security systems learn of the ruckus being held outside.

    What a trick. But...what's the treats? Maybe they'll give the fridges away!

    Does someone in your family like controlling…

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    Fallout Friday Polls are in! Be sure to answer all polls and leave a comment!

    Fallout News Stuffs: Technically, this is wiki news, but here it is anyway: A formal vote has been put up here for the merger of Nukapedia and the Vault. Owing, however, to some arguments (of which I shall admit my own interest) regarding the jump to a vote without a proper discussion mid-merge, the vote has been locked as of today [October 4]. Another forum has thus been created here in order to discuss the issues in question, whether perceived or real.

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