• Janaschi

    The Skuz Pitt

    Fog Crawler


    The Mechanist:
    The Flatwoods Monster and their teleportation tactics were no match for the Mechanist and their technological ingenuity, using robots to track the alien's movements, and traps to contain and corner it. The masked hero leaves the Skuz Pitt and the broken remains of his foe behind, ready to bring his unique brand of justice to the wasteland once again.

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  • President Augustus

    Staff Page Changes

    February 18, 2019 by President Augustus

    Basically, these are just changes I believe the staff page needs. Also, I think the removal of the “Moderator” title is best since the title is outdated. I put this in a blog post just because this isn’t an official thing, just my personal thoughts on how the staff page should be changed since it’s pretty much one big mess tbh. Obviously, there would be other things that need to be changed such as tags and such, and this may not be perfect since i’m really tired and just quickly did this, but it’s just a rough draft pretty much. The staff page does need an update as it’s a pretty big mess so yeah this is an updated idea for it. If you’re wondering why I did something just ask and Ill answer.

    Talk page Jspoelstra (CU)
    Talk page Richie9999 (CU)
    Talk page


    Agent c
    Talk page Aya42
    Talk page AllYourFavorites
    Talk page -bleep196-
    Talk page Energy X
    Talk page

    Talk page Level3Rogue
    Talk page Paladin117
    Talk page Peace'n Hugs
    Talk page Sakaratte (CU)
    Talk page

    Content Moderator…

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  • Janaschi

    Welcome to the Patrons' Lounge of the Strategic Nuclear Moose cantina, the hot spot for any and all wastelanders worth mentioning, to hang out and share their tales. Maybe you're looking for someone to team up with out in the harsh wastelands, or you could be looking for a story to pass the time before heading out again. Whichever is true, you'll always have a place here at our hearth, among friends. That is, so long as you don't agree to arm-wrestle with Francis over there in the corner.

    Want to become a content creator?

    The first 5 content creators, will receive a free Patron Card to customize. Subsequent content creators must purchase a Patron Card for 500 Credits from our Bank's Virtual Store, a link for which can be found above under our SNM Resources tab.

    If you have any questions and/or feedback regarding the SNM and its content, you can shoot me a message on my talk-page, or join our Discord, and shoot one of our Bouncers/Bartenders a message. We hope you enjoy your time here at th…

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