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  • Leea

    I read in a book that when a guy gives you something (as a gift), a girl is supposed to act like a tween at a Justin Bieber concert (my words, not the book's): jumping up and down, big wide eyes and gasping and screaming. Like a "little girl would act" (the words the book used). Not that I've ever gotten any gifts from a guy I knew (refer to last week's poll), but that wouldn't be my reaction. It would end up being a sincere "thanks" or "thank you" and a definite tone in my voice that I appreciated the thought. So, I ask you men in the audience (and any girls that may be there, too), what reaction would you prefer?

    I typed out a while ago all the things that your average lady wears (makeup-wise). I do not wear makeup, so what people see, is what people get. I used to wear mascara and eyeshadow, but hated how you had to take it off or reapply during the day, so I quit after about a year or two and have been makeup free (aside from lipbalm or tinted lipbalm) for well over a decade. This i…

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  • Dlotti77

    Bugs bugs bugs

    December 3, 2019 by Dlotti77
    Generally speaking as I told a lot of time Fallout is very buggy game. I never noticed lot of troubles with F3 or NV but with F4 you play more, you have a lot of same places (all your settlements) to return so you have live with bugs. And even Nexus mod or Fallout new update I downloaded for 750 Mb 2 days ago changed nothing. Anyway sometimes the bugs effect to your enemies so they are freezed, stucked, blocked with doors or rocks with the half of the body. And sometimes I use these bugs to kill hard and legendary enemies. Probably could return back or come close for the fair fighting but probably this fighting could be the last one... So I'm cheating too to kill these enemies down. Next point of cheating in Fallout is to jump between rocks against melee enemies. In Fallout 3 it was a big Deathclaws camp at Quarry Junction and for me was only one way to jump on rocks where deathclaws can't reach you to shoot them out. Are you cheating really too? Read more >

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