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Catechism of Hilary is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Night of the Moth update. It is one of six sacred tomes belonging to the Enlightened.


The note can be found in the church of Point Pleasant, in a display case to the left of the pulpit.


Catechism of Wise Hilary the Scourge
as transcribed by Interpreter Jill

Time and again has the Wise Mothman come, and time and again the ignorant heard not the message he bore. They were deaf to his whispers, seeing only a monster, a specter filling them with dread from a world they could not understand. The ignorant heard of his passing and believed not the witnesses, naming him a figment of delusional minds. Yet the Wise Mothman was no emissary from other realms, nor was he a hallucination of the senses.

Time and again has the Wise Mothman come, and time and again fools and dullards heard his whisper yet understood it not. They were closed to his message, hearing only the echo of their own small minds bouncing within their skulls. The Dim Ones named him God and fell to their knees, calling themselves chosen. Yet the Wise Mothman was no skyborne deity, nor had he come to anoint them elect.

Time and again has the Wise Mothman come, and time and again the mad and twisted have rejected his message. They were attuned to other whispers, hearing the Call of a thing beyond, drawn to the deep places of the earth for inhuman purpose. The broken heard the song of the Interloper and turned from the Truth, scorning wisdom as the product of mere mortals in favor of the unknowable. Yet the Wise Mothman remains with us, and his Truth shields us from the Call.

Wise Mothman whispered, and Wise Charles heard, and understood. He guarded us from the Flood and the Fire, and while others fell we endured. While the Dim Ones succumbed to the delusion of Holiness, we witnessed Truth. While the mad were called to their chthonic master, we spurned the slavery of the unliving.

We are Enlightened, and we know these things to be true.

The Wise Mothman is among us, and of us.

The Wise Mothman lives. We feel his breath and hear the beat of his wings, and know that he is more alike to us than not.

The Wise Mothman comes to us, and shares with us his Truth.

The Wise Mothman has found his Truth through understanding the world as it is, and through Observation we approach his understanding.

His Truth is a lesson. His Truth is a warning. His Truth is a path to Enlightenment.

We thank the Wise Mothman, who shares his Truth with us, and reject the falseness of ignorant deniers, dull idolaters, and warp-minded servitors.

We Observe. We Interpret. We listen to his whispers, and become Wise.


  • The note cannot be picked up.
  • When interacting with the note to read it the title will show simply as "Sacred Tome" just like the other five tomes found in the church.
  • In order to read the note, The Mothman Equinox seasonal event must be completed once. Otherwise, a message will appear, stating that the player character is not ready to gaze upon the book.