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For non-employed prostitutes, see New Reno prostitute.


The Cat's Paw girls are prostitutes working in the Cat's Paw in 2241.


Unlike the New Reno prostitutes, the Cat's Paw prostitutes offer "services" in an establishment. Usually tourists who have some cash can spend some time with them.

Working the world's oldest profession under Miss Kitty's supervision, these women will be anyone's best friend for a price.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Cost: $59




  • Some of the prostitutes - those using Mrs Bishop in-game model, possess negative karma (killing them earns positive karma), where Miss Kitty has positive karma.

Notable quotes

  • "Yes! You are Columbus, I am America!"
  • "Oh, God, that was the beeest. Now get the hell offa me and pay the cashier."
  • "You're so rugged, you're like hardened power armor."
  • "Yes, yes, you have "monstah balls.""
  • "No, I'm NOT going to wear the Mikey Mouse ears."

Behind the scenes


The Cat's Paw girls appear only in Fallout 2.


  1. Cat's Paw girl: "{3210}{}{Yes, you ARE the Vault Dweller. Yes, YOU found the water chip and beat the MASTER. You are a HERO.}"
  2. Cat's Paw girl: "{3211}{}{You're so rugged, you're like hardened power armor.}
  3. Cat's Paw girl: "{3214}{}{No, I'm NOT going to wear the Mikey Mouse ears.}"
  4. Cat's Paw girl: "{3207}{}{Yes! You are Columbus, I am America!}"