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The domestic cat (Felis catus or Felis silvestris catus), is a small, typically furry and carnivorous mammal. They were valued by humans before the Great War for their companionship and ability to hunt vermin, such as rodents, snakes, scorpions, and other household pests. Cats made their first live appearance in Fallout 4, being frequently seen in the Commonwealth, as common pets kept by both wastelander and vault dwellers alike.

Background[edit | edit source]

Cats are a rare sight in the post-nuclear United States, particularly west of the Rockies. Cats were largely hunted for food during the famines in the early decades of the 23rd centuries, driving them out of the region,[1] though not to extinction. The species managed to survive and thrive, and are uncommonly seen across the wastes (for example, in Broken Hills)[2], evidenced by the survival of cat-related expressions in common parlance.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Although not as common as before the Great War, domestic cats still survive in New California, the Commonwealth as of 2287 and in Appalachia in 2103.

The dearth of most varieties of cat in some regions, such as within the Mojave, has led some that still remember their existence to believe that cats in their entirety have become completely extinct.[9]

Variants[edit | edit source]

FO4 House Cat.png
Gameplay articles: Fallout 4, Fallout 76, Fallout Shelter

Regular cats with standard statistics and characteristics but no special attributes.

Notable cats[edit | edit source]

Fallout 2[edit | edit source]

Fallout: New Vegas[edit | edit source]

A cat can be seen in the slideshow in the sacrificial chamber in Vault 11.

Fallout 4[edit | edit source]

Fallout 76[edit | edit source]

Cats return in Fallout 76, as either unique ones or a generated cluster of three level 1's with their name being different breeds, tabby being house cat.

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel[edit | edit source]

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Mr. Pussy, a domestic cat, died in Carbon, Texas in 2208. Ruby the prostitute wanted to find him when he got lost, and asked the Initiate to help. They discovered the cat's corpse in the carbon crater and brought it back to Ruby.

Van Buren[edit | edit source]

Van Buren According to the Nursery design document, various cats were to make an appearance there. There would have been friendly domestic cats kept by humans, as well as wildcats, bobcats and panthers that were hostile to the player character.

Related quests[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Using the perk Animal Friend on a cat and attacking or getting caught stealing from a settlement, all settlers will attack the cat as though it is a threat, though it is not combat-enabled.
  • With the Wasteland Workshop add-on, a cat can be captured in any settlement via a cat cage. Once released, it will add 10 bonus happiness points to the settlement (as much as some tier 1-2 stores). A beta wave emitter is not necessary to tame them. Also unlike all other captures, cats captured this way are protected.
  • Fallout 4 is the first canon game in the series in which cats are seen alive (Fallout Shelter being non-canon).
  • Killed cats will usually have cat meat in their inventory.
  • Mr. House believes cats to be extinct as none can be found in the Mojave Wasteland.[9]
  • Cats are not hostile to the player character in any way.
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O..pngThe following is based on unverified behind the scenes information and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
  • Cats are one of the few creatures in any Fallout game to be completely unaffected by radiation, at least externally. Some cats were possibly thrown into FEV vats by the Master in the Mariposa Military Base and by the Vault-Tec scientists in Vault 87, together with humans, dogs and other animals. The misshapen centaurs are the result of this mix.
50 Vault-Tec C.E.O..pngEnd of information based on unverified behind the scenes information.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Cats are mentioned in Fallout 2, and Fallout: New Vegas, they first appeared in Fallout 4, and have since appeared in Fallout 76, and Fallout Shelter.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Fallout Shelter pet cats[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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