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Good. It's weird... I almost felt sorry for him, sometimes. It seemed like... it seemed like he hated what he was doing. Not that sorry, though. He did it anyway, and lots of folks died at his hands. So I hope he died badly.

Cassie Halloway is a member of the Settlers in Appalachia.


Prior to traveling to Appalachia, Cassie lived as a farmer[3][4] "out West" and remained in contact with her uncle in Appalachia, Art Knapp, by writing letters to him.[5]

At some point, she decided to move to Foundation and help them with farming. Cassie traveled alongside a Blue Ridge caravan that took 15 days of walking before reaching the Mire. After staying the night in an old train tunnel to avoid a major radstorm,[4] the caravan was ambushed by Hellcat Company mercenaries, and all members of the caravan were captured.[6]

They were then brought to cells in Vault 96 and were used as unwilling test subjects by Edgar Blackburn.[7] Cassie was tested on like the other members of the caravan; Blackburn decided to dose her with diseases such as sludge lung for "testing incubation and immune response times" - though she claims she's "holding up" and "some of the others are in worse shape."[8] Cassie, along with Ashmore, Petersen and Wilkins are the only known survivors. Cassie tried to look out for them in their desperate situation.

After the ordeal and her rescue by the Vault Dweller and Odessa Valdez, Cassie finally reached Foundation, where she is currently helping at the supply room.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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A Satisfied Conscience

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A Satisfied Conscience - Cassie is being held prisoner in a cell in Vault 96. She must be released before confronting Edgar Blackburn.

Other interactions[]


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Cassie Halloway appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Reign update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "Tell me more about yourself."
    Art Knapp: "Ain't much to tell. Been a farmer, one way or another, all my life. My daddy before me, and so on. Set up in these parts after I heard it was safe again. Turned out there's plenty of Raiders fixin' to take what ain't nailed down. Ain't much use bellyachin' about it, but neither am I just gonna roll over and let some bullies take what's mine."
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    Leila Rahmani: "Right, Ms. Halloway apparently paid the Blue Ridge Caravan Company to transport her to Appalachia. It would appear she never arrived. However, the people Mr. Knapp spoke with at Blue Ridge claim she was never a client to begin with."
    Art Knapp: "'Cept thems damn liars. I got letters from Cassie. She spells them out, plain as day. 'I'm travelin' with Blue Ridge something or other.'"
    Leila Rahmani: "Right. All caught up, Initiate?"
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    Leila Rahmani: "The Blue Ridge Caravan Company."
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  6. Vault Dweller: "How'd you end up here?"
    Cassie Halloway: "Came in on a Blue Ridge caravan. Doc was there, too. Had some people slip away in the night, but the guide said it happens - people turn back, that kind of thing. Then one night we shelter from a storm and those Hellcat goons ambush us. Capture us all. Spent days in a cart or something, blindfolded, before they dumped me here."
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  7. Vault Dweller: "Is everybody all right in there?"
    Cassie Halloway: "We're locked in some weird cell, in a frozen Vault, being held prisoner by some lunatic in a lab coat who experiments on us. We're peachy, how are you?"
    (Cassie Halloway's dialogue)
  8. Vault Dweller: "Are you hurt?"
    Cassie Halloway: " I'm not injured. Got lucky - the doc didn't do any surgery on me. That nutjob was dosing me with diseases, though. Said he was 'testing incubation and immune response times.' Weird thing is, he kept apologizing. Got a bad case of Sludge Lung now, but I'm holding up. Some of the others are in worse shape."
    (Cassie Halloway's dialogue)