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You're that mainlander who just got here. Better watch yourself, cause this island sees and hears everything you do.— Cassie Dalton

Cassie Dalton is a resident of Far Harbor in 2287.


Cassie Dalton is the last living member of the Dalton family, which according to her was the wealthiest family on the island for generations. When the Sole Survivor arrives in Far Harbor, she can be found down on her luck and looking for a hero to avenge her bloodline.

She often refers to the island as if it was a sentient entity that responds to the acts committed by those who live there and considers the Sole Survivor to be the one hero who can fight back against the dangers it imposes on Far Harbor inhabitants.

Her personal quest revolves around avenging deceased members of her family, sending the Sole Survivor on extermination missions after creatures of the Island, such as fog ghouls and a fog crawler, and finally, after a trapper leader who killed her husband, Danny Dalton.

Upon completing her personal quests, she will let the Sole Survivor use the Dalton farm as a settlement, and during The Way Life Should Be, she will support the player character against Allen, if he is told to stand down and spare Acadia.

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Flannel shirt and jeans


Cassie Dalton appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Far Harbor.