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Cassie's journal is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign. It was written by Cassie Halloway.


The note can be found at the Harpers Ferry tunnel, on a crate within a pipe on the northern end of the caravan area, during Out of the Blue.


Day 1 - Setting Out

Start of a new journey! Foundation, lay out the red carpet for Cassie, because I'm about to turn Appalachia's agriculture on its head! I decided to keep this little journal to chronicle all the amazing things I see along the way... Wish me luck!

Day 5 - Miserable

Walking. That's all we do. We walk. Burned down building... check. Forest of smoldering dead trees... check. Oh, look, an emptied out Red Rocket gas station. What a thrilling excursion this ended up being. Oh, and to top it all off, there's this creepy bald guy in our group. I keep catching him staring at me. Eyes to yourself, Dr. Pervert.

Day 15 - So Close but So Far

We're finally within spitting distance of Appalachia, but a radstorm is raging outside. We've been walking through this old train tunnel all day, and now we can't even step outside until the storm blows over. Going to find a nice spot to get cozy and nap off all of this walking.

Day 15 - Night

Okay, this is so weird. These guys showed up all of a sudden, armed to the teeth. They've just been sitting around chatting with that weirdo doctor. Everyone seems a little nervous, even the guard. Wait, they took his gun away! What the hell is going on!? oh shit they saw me if someone finds this help us!!

Related quest

  • Out of the Blue - This note is one of the three clues that must be inspected in order to discover the fate of the missing caravan.