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Cassidy "Cassie" Stolz is a resident of Vault 63 and the wife and business partner of Hugo Stolz in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


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Cassie before the Great War

Hugo and Cassie met in New Orleans at her father's gala, and they had an intense debate about what legacies they would leave behind. She did not mind having a blind husband, feeling his personality surpassed his disability. During Audrey's childhood, Cassie was known to be a distant mother, something she would later regret.[1] Hugo and Cassie loved each other dearly.[2]

When her husband managed to become part of the Vault-Tec Corporation's board of directors, some of Cassie's fears about the Great War were alleviated, although she missed simpler times.[3] She lived in a manor built above Vault 63, where she survived the bombs.

She found Vault life claustrophobic, and she would take solace by a small waterfall in the garden sector where she could close her eyes and pretend she was in nature outside, and that the world was the same as it used to be.[4] Unfortunately, radiation leaked into the Vault due to it being incomplete and she became a ghoul. She wanted to spare Audrey from going feral. Unfortunately, Cassidy also gradually began having feral symptoms.

Not wishing to lose his wife, Hugo activated the Vault's unfinished weather machine technology in 2095. While Cassie was prevented from going feral, she was put into a coma. Hugo was still devastated and wished for a way to save her. In 2105, Hugo activated the machine again in an attempt to cure her. The second activation ruptured the nearby land and caused an electrical storm, and transformed many of the Vault residents into feral beings known as Lost. Cassie apparently responded to Hugo's will, even following his footsteps and making eye contact. This also made Hugo believe he could act as a vessel to unite the minds of him and anyone who could become Lost, and wish to activate the machine again.

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Cassidy Stolz appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.