Lost my caravan heading north, the driver burned to ash - and they didn't even take the cargo, they just burned that, too.Cass

The Cassidy Caravans wreckage is a location in the Mojave Wasteland.


This location contains a dead brahmin with various loot, a wooden cart, one small crate with various loot, several small wooden boxes and crates, an ash pile and many drained energy cell cells scattered around. There are also 2-4 cazadores nearby, so use caution when in the area.

This location is related to the quest Heartache by the Number in which Cass asks you to explore various ambushes of caravans in the wasteland.

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  • Cassidy Caravans wreckage is the final resting stop of Cass' caravan that the Courier barters with her for, on behalf of Alice McLafferty.
  • What can be mistaken for random flies are actually bloatflies shrunken down to size.
  • A Legion raiding party spawn point is near the wreckage, next to the bridge.


The Cassidy Caravans wreckage appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

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