Unlike the good ambassador, I don't intend to blink. Tell the leader of this gang to stand down or face annihilation.

Colonel Cassandra Moore is the commanding officer of the NCR Army forces stationed at Hoover Dam in 2281.


A career soldier who joined the NCR Army at the age of sixteen, Cassandra is a veritable legend among NCR troopers. She received an officer's commission at age seventeen, and has been moving up the ranks ever since. She took part in operations against the Vipers and the Jackals, as well as surviving four tours of duty against the Brotherhood of Steel in California, and is widely considered to be one of the most skilled and accomplished commissioned officers in the NCR Army. She is a noted conservative in military matters, favoring strength and determination over cunning and diplomacy. Chief Hanlon says that she is "better at making graves than making friends," consistently choosing extremely direct solutions to problems- solutions that are in no way pleasant for those on the receiving end.[1] Moore is a soldier through and through; her assessments of anything and anyone are swift yet highly detailed, she places a premium on time and getting things done, and is bluntly honest in anything she says or does.

Colonel Moore's competency is easily gleamed when the Courier interacts with her. She has acute knowledge of her enemy - Caesar's Legion, and is concise and blunt in making tactical considerations. She is realistic about her assessment of Caesar's Legion, noting that basic Legionnaires have fitness and conditioning that surpass even the rangers, and unmatched discipline that makes them dangerous despite their reliance on crude melee weaponry. As a result, she has her forces constantly running drills against larger, stronger opponents.

When asked about her military history, Moore revels that she was once a Ranger, a period she looks back on as the best time of her entire military career.[2] Unfortunately, an injury she sustained meant she could no longer perform her duties adequately, so she was promoted to the rank of Colonel, a job which was less physically demanding. Brusque and blunt though she normally is, Moore will admit she misses her days leading troops in the field as a Ranger, and that she has never liked having to command from a desk.[3] Moore is not completely bitter, however; she recognizes that holding high rank means getting the chance to have a much wider-reaching influence over events than is ever possible as a junior officer. To Moore, that means a larger number of people are now doing things her way, something that suits her well.[4]

A war hawk, Moore displays unfailing support for General Lee Oliver and President Kimball's push to seize the Mojave - a support which has seen her gain great influence - and is not above violent means to ensure NCR's dominance of the region; whether it be dealing militantly with the Great Khans and the Kings or completely destroying the Mojave chapter of the Brotherhood. She speaks critically of Ambassador Crocker and his more diplomatic approach to NCR's expansion into Vegas and will vow to push back against him if the Courier chooses to support his approach to the Kings and Freeside above hers. Ultimately, Moore is well aware of her own greatest virtue as a soldier: she gets results, and her superiors care about that more than anything else.[5]

Interactions with the player characterEdit

Interactions overviewEdit

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This character is involved in quests.


  • For the Republic, Part 2: Colonel Moore tasks the player with cleaning up the problems in and around New Vegas.
  • Kings' Gambit: Moore will tell you to tell the Kings to stand down or be destroyed and offers to send a squad to back you up.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
NCR trooper armor 12.7mm pistol
Combat knife


  • In dialogue originally intended to be heard after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam but still potentially available in-game while the battle is going on, Colonel Cassandra Moore says that upon learning of the NCR's success in the Mojave, her superiors first turned to Hsu since he was in command of operations in the area, but he denied having anything to do with the victory. As a result of his modesty, Hsu got passed over for promotion and Moore was promoted to brigadier general instead.[6]
  • When asked about the Hoover Dam, her dialogue box says "It's of immense strategic value to the NCR. Hoover Dam sends enough electricity west to light every city and major settlement," but actually she says "It's a position of some strategic importance to the NCR. Providing power and that's what it does."
  • You will notice that Moore and Ambassador Crocker have opposing views on the best route to handle the issue involving the Kings in Freeside. Moore favors a military strike over Crocker's diplomatic approach.
  • With a reputation of 'Idolized' with the NCR, Moore will salute you when you finish dialogue with her during the subquests contained in For the Republic, Part 2.
  • If the Courier sides with the NCR at the battle of Hoover Dam, one of Moore's orders is to destroy the Hidden Valley bunker. If the Courier chooses to pursue the diplomatic path, building an alignment between the Brotherhood and the NCR, this will make her furious and the player will gain NCR infamy. The amount, however, is negligible, and will not impact your overall reputation with the NCR so long as you have been in good standing with them up to that point.
  • When talking to her while the battle of Hoover Dam has begun she says that the NCR have driven the Legion to the east and the NCR are controlling the dam.
  • If you sided with the NCR she has a large list of dialogue options telling you about things now the Second Battle for Hoover Dam is over WHILE actually playing through the Second Battle, noting that she was promoted to Brigadier General, has sent troops after the fleeing Legion Army, and how the Legion is falling apart because of their leaders being dead - despite Bethesda saying that there will be no continuous DLC for New Vegas. This is more than likely because the game was at one point open-ended, with Obsidian only making the decision to exclude a postgame after development had already started.
  • Colonel Moore will disappear from the game world if the player fails Don't Tread on the Bear! quest to prevent the player from progressing further along the NCR quest line; killing her will fail this quest instantly regardless of player's reputation with the NCR.
  • If Colonel Moore dies, the whole NCR will become permanently hostile with the player, regardless of the circumstances involving her death or the player's reputation with the NCR.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "Unlike the good ambassador, I don't intend to blink. Tell the leader of this gang to stand down or face annihilation."
  • "Oh, it has its perks, to be sure. I'm free to see that things on a large scale are done my way, and don't have to tolerate any disagreement. Those few people in a position to countermand my orders only care about results, and in that regard I never leave them less than pleased."
  • "Good, you made it. I've been receiving reports about the savior of the NCR for a while now, and wanted to meet you myself. You've proven yourself especially capable, and right now I can use all the capable people I can get. Crocker gets handed the fluff missions that no one else wants to do. When people need something really important done, they come to me. Usually, I dispatch one or more rangers to see these things through, but I'm a little shorthanded at the moment. Think you're up for a real mission?"
  • "Do you have any idea what our current situation is? As we speak there is a huge army of madmen not ten miles from here waiting to kill us all. We don't have the luxury of long-term diplomacy any longer. Anyone that could prove a hindrance in the battle to come must be dealt with swiftly. You have your orders. I expect you to carry them out. Dismissed."
  • "A fair question, and one I've had our strategists think about for some time. Their consensus is that we must focus on the one thing we can count on. With the Brotherhood that's their obsessive attachment to technology. They'd never go anywhere that didn't have working power. I'm willing to bet that wherever they're hiding, there's a working reactor powering their equipment. That's their vulnerability. Detonate that reactor, and we can safely cross the Brotherhood off our list of concerns. Was there anything else?"


Cassandra Moore appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 During How Little We Know, there is a bug where, after completing it, the game will not allow the player to talk to Colonel Moore. Possible cause: This happens when the courier hasn't spoken with Liza O'Malley at the beginning of the Omertas part of the For the Republic, Part 2 quest or if the player has already gotten You'll Know It When It Happens from Yes Man.
    • One could use setstage 00110a63 60 console command that allow you to lie about Omertas and continue the chain. [verified]
    • Kill Cachino and lie to the NCR about their plans. The player will still get NCR fame and no evil Karma. This is the only way to fix the glitch and continue with the NCR.
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 3Icon ps3 During the quest You'll Know It When It Happens, Colonel Moore may be missing.[verified]
    • In the desk in her office is a key, grab the key from her desk (the player will get negative karma, but no fame loss). She should now appear to be walking into her office.
  • Playstation 3Icon ps3 Xbox 360Icon xbox360 During the quest Oh My Papa, when speaking to Regis, one will receive an objective update to speak to Cassandra Moore about an NCR/Great Khan alliance. When trying to speak to her, there is no dialogue option to speak about it.[verification overdue]



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