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Cassandra Hawthorne is a character in the Fallout TV series.


Cassandra was one of the many scientists assigned to work in Vault 4 to research the effects of Radiation on Human DNA.

Fallout TV series[]

The Trap[]

Cassandra, her husband Lloyd Hawthorne, and two unnamed children appear in a commercial advertisement for Vault 4. They appear eating dinner at their table, where Cooper Howard joins them. He tells the viewers that she and her husband are both scientists who will be studying the effects of Radiation on Human DNA. Cassandra confirms it and notes that they'll be living in Vault 4, leading a community led by scientists.

The commercial continues, and a talk between Lloyd and Cooper occurs about how they, along with eighty other volunteer scientists, will be working there for the next five years. This is to ensure that regardless of what happens, America will be ready for whatever happens. Hearing this, Cooper compliments the family for being the true heroes rather than him, who plays them in the movies.

Once the commercial ends, Cassandra notes how she and Lloyd were so nervous throughout it. A Vault-Tech employee approaches their table and starts to talk to them.

The Trap Cooper at wrap party

Bud and the Hawthornes attend the wrap party

That night Cassandra and her husband attend the wrap-up party held at Cooper's house.

The Radio[]

In a video recording featuring the final moments between Cassandra and her husband. As Lloyd records his self-confessed final words, Cassandra tries to barricade the doorway to protect them from the Gulper just outside that broke in and devoured them both. The Gulper was later found out to have been named Peter and was Overseer Benjamin's maternal Great Uncle.


On camera, despite claiming she was so nervous, she portrayed herself to be calm and confident, in contrast, to her husband.

Notable quotes[]

  • "That's right. And we'll be living and working right here in Vault 4, leading a community governed by scientists." – Cassandra talking to the TV camera


Cassandra Hawthorne appears only in the Fallout TV series episodes "The Trap" and "The Radio".


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