Cass' outfit is a piece of clothing belonging to Rose of Sharon Cassidy in Fallout: New Vegas.


Cass' outfitEdit

Cass' outfit includes a necklace with a diamond shaped pendant that has a rose in the center (left to her by her father), a brown suede leather jacket, a pink and white plaid shirt with black buttons opened down by 3 buttons, and worn out jeans with a large hole above the left knee. She wears a black belt with a large metal buckle that has a steer skull emblem and has a handkerchief hanging out of her back left pocket. Old, scuffed cowboy boots, black gloves, a rattan hat with a black band, and a silver belt buckle to complete the ensemble.

Cass' hatEdit

It is a unique variant of the rattan cowboy hat.

She will automatically equip armor, helmets, and eye wear (eyeglass, shades, etc.) if you put them in her inventory. She will not equip armor or helmets without a DT rating.

If you want to see her hair, equip her with the baseball cap with glasses, then give her a pair of sunglasses (works with Veronica as well). Be careful however as fast traveling will make Cass put her hat back on. She will still have the cap and glasses in her inventory and the glitch can be done again.


On Cass. Can only be acquired by the player via console commands.


Using the console command additem 001350ef and then equipitem 001350ef on a male Courier will make the Courier's torso "invisible," only showing their head, arms and legs.

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