Case notes: Duchess is a paper note in Fallout 76.



Case Notes: Duchess Investigation

We've been monitoring the home of the criminal known as "Duchess" next door for about a week now and have one recording that might be enough to pull a warrant, if Roberta Decland is willing to testify. However, I want to advise against that for now despite my partner's insistence! I think it's unlikely that she will cooperate and trying to lean on her now will just tip our hand.

I've been leaving white X's on the mailboxes of the homes her goon Butch seems to visit the longest each day, because despite our best efforts we've been unable to verify her operation's safehouse. Her home is undoubtedly spotless, she's a smart cookie. If her stash is hidden anywhere in Welch, it'll be one of those locations. Here's hoping that there's enough evidence there to send her away for good.

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