A case, 9mm is a crafting item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This item is used as a component to create 9mm rounds at reloading benches along with lead, one small pistol primer and pistol powder.


  • Enemies that use a 9mm submachine gun or a 9mm pistol can have up to seven casings on them when they die. Powder Gangers, Crimson Caravan guards and mercenaries typically carry both weapons. Great Khans occasionally carry 9mm submachine guns.
  • A casing can be acquired after firing a weapon chambered in the 9mm round about 25% of the time and a 20% chance when using the +P round.
  • There are 25 casings for 9mm ammunition in each 9mm case box.
  • Occasionally, some traveling merchants will "sell" 9mm casings but they will always be for free. Likewise, selling casings to a merchant will not yield any caps.
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