Case, 12.7mm is a crafting item in Fallout: New Vegas.


This item is used as a component to create 12.7mm round at the Reloading bench, along with some lead, large pistol primers and pistol powder.


  • 3 to 9 casings can be found on the body of an enemy that was wielding a 12.7mm submachine gun or a 12.7mm pistol at the time of their death. Great Khans and NCR Veteran Rangers typically carry a 12.7mm submachine gun and Veteran rangers and NCR troopers occasionally carry the 12.7mm pistol.
  • Veteran Decanii also use the 12.7mm pistol and 12.7mm submachine gun, and thus will carry some shell casings.
  • In Zion Valley, these can be looted from many White Legs. Gametitle-FNV HH
  • When you fire a weapon chambered in the 12.7mm round, there is a 20% chance you'll get a casing.
  • You'll get 25 12.7mm casings if you buy a 12.7mm case box.
  • Occasionally some traveling merchants will "sell" 12.7mm casings (among many other calibers), but they will always be for free. Likewise, if you try and sell casings to a merchant, you will not yield any money.
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