Welcome to the Casa Madrid - cheapest, cleanest whores in all New Vegas. If you want to know the rates for poon, talk to the whores.Marco

The Casa Madrid Apartments is a brothel located in the New Vegas Westside.


The Casa Madrid Apartments is an unmarked location in Westside across the street from Miguel's Pawn Shop. The building is basically a bordello, the building is owned by Marco, with the pimping being handled by Pretty Sarah.

If you turn left upon entering the building, the first door on the South wall should be open. This is Dermot's apartment. The next door has an average lock and belongs to Saint James. These rooms need to be searched for the quest The Coyotes.

Three prostitutes are available for business: Sweetie, Jimmy and Maude.

While the male Courier can engage the services of all three potential prostitutes inside (through dialogue), a female Courier can only sleep with Sweetie (Jimmy is homosexual, while Maude is "pickier" about her clientele).


Notable lootEdit


  • While faint moans and screams of sexual acts can be heard, there are only three prostitutes in the building, and they can all be seen at once, leaving the sounds unexplained.
  • Mean Sonofabitch can usually be found standing by the door outside.
  • The average locked door to Saint James' is not red, but lock-picking actually incurs Karma loss. A key to this door can be obtained from Sweetie.


Casa Madrid Apartments appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


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