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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carver Timmerman.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
5 0056EFB1 00581EDD Oh, hi Libby! I didn't know you were on duty for this run.
14 00573E53 00581F0A How are you so calm, Libby? still scared himself
21 00573E55 00581EFD I guess that means this isn't going to get any easier, will it?
24 00573E56 00581EE1 Libby, I... uh... I'm good. Thanks for asking. Embarrassed, trying to get over it
28 00573E58 00581F09 I'm, uh, don't know what you mean, I was just... Trying to play it off. Not working
37 00573E5C 00574FAD Okay, here we go. We got this. Nervous, he does not got this.
59 00573E66 00581ED5 Yeah, I wasn't sure we'd make it out of there. Thanks for having my back.
60 But, um... do you think you could make that an Old Possum instead? a brand of beer
67 00573E68 00573ED1 That was a tough fight. Why don't we try taking the roads over the mountains next time?
68 00581EEC Phew... We're alive. We are alive, right?
69 00581EED Alright... We're doing okay. Making good time. Still breathing. Exhausted
79 00573E6C 00581F06 Whoa! There's more of 'em coming!
86 00573E6E 00581F0D I didn't think they'd come at us this hard... This isn't even a large shipment. Exhausted
105 00573E75 00574FC1 Oh, right. Thanks, Libby! I appreciate, the uh... stuttering, trailing off, nervous
113 00573E77 00574FF1 Oh, and uh, it'd be good if you could stick close to the Brahmin. You never know when an attack will come. nervous bringing it up, awkward.
122 00575026 00573E79 We're just hauling some furniture and furs, but so far that hasn't stopped the Blood Eagles from trying to rob us. Nervous speaking publicly
135 00574F2F 00581EF1 If you don't mind me asking, why did you become a caravan guard, Libby?
152 00581EBD 00581ECE Is it just me, or has it gotten really quiet? Think we've seen the last of them? unsure
153 00581EBE 00581EF7 I can understand that... Plus, we get to travel.
154 00581EF8 Caps, right? Bet it was the caps.
163 00581EC0 00581EE3 We've still got some, uh, enemy resistance down here. Let's get that gate open soon please? Trying to act cool, not working
164 00581EE4 These stragglers don't look to "demoralized," though, so help keep these Brahmin safe! In combat
168 00581EC3 00581ED0 The gate's closed! How are we going to get through? Somewhat urgent, in combat.
169 00581EC4 00581F03 I... want to be here. hesitation then determination.
171 00581EC6 00581EF6 Well my mom used to do this before she got sick. And I guess Shelley could, but then we'd be down a trapper.
172 Why do you ask? I'm not very good at this, am I? Feels bad
180 0058DEE3 0058DEE7 Better step back. This thing's about to go "boom!"


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
27 00573E81 00584B56 Oh no, the Brahmin! We've gotta help them!
28 00584B57 The Brahmin! They're getting hit!
29 00584B58 Help the Brahmin! They're in danger!
30 00584B59 What the-- they're sneaking up on us!
31 00584B5A Okay, uh, bye!
67 0058212C 00573E9E Oh, h-- ahem - hello! Voice cracks, like a teenager, even though he's in his 20's. It's embarrassing.
68 0058212D Did you want to trade?
96 00584B3D Oh hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before. We've got a shipment going through the Big Bend Tunnel soon. Vinny could tell you more.
97 00584B3E Hey there. I've probably got time to trade if you need anything.
98 00584B3F Wow, I feel like you've really made a difference here already. I definitely feel safer knowing you're around.
99 00584B40 Hey, uh... It's okay. It's going to be a pretty big hit to lose a whole shipment like that, but it happens.
100 00584B41 I'm really glad you joined us! Things went a lot more smoothly with you there. I hope you keep working with us.
144 00584B06 00584B29 Well I was born around here actually, but my mom moved us sometime after the war.
145 Now we've In-game spelling live in a settlement out in what used to be Kentucky, I guess. Maybe it still is Kentucky?
146 I don't know, I tried reading some old geography text books as a kid, seemed like a waste of time now, though.
147 00584B08 00584B1D Don't let the Brahmin die. Please, please, please, don't let Brahmin die. Our entire shipment depends on their safety.