The Carson family bunker is a location in the Mire region of Appalachia in 2102.


Caleb Carson, husband of Elizabeth Carson and father of Madeleine and Max Carson, was the only surviving member of the Carson family after the bombs dropped.

Prior to the Great War, he and his family lived in Berkeley Springs, where Caleb's neighbors had confronted him, angered that he had joined the Free States. His neighbors felt he should be helping the people of Berkeley Springs instead of building a bunker[1]. The community was so outraged at his support of the Free States that the entire Carson Family was banned from the Harpers Ferry medical clinic,[2] and Elizabeth was denied her medication[3]. Caleb became so frustrated, that he considered sending his family to the safety of the bunker before it was complete. Despite his efforts to protect the family, his wife and children died. Feeling that his decision to support the Free States had caused his family to perish, Caleb took his own life.[4]


Entered through an unlocked Free States bunker, the first room is a storage area with some containers around. A northern staircase leads to the kitchen. The whole kitchen is burned black with its door blown off due to a gas explosion. Against its western wall is a small pile of bones, presumably Caleb Carson's.

The south drops down into a living space. To the west is a bathroom with two searchable chem containers. To the south of the living space are a laundry room on the right and a bedroom on the left containing three beds. East of the living area a hallway connects to a storage room on the left and a generator room on the right with a fusion core.

Notable lootEdit


The Carson family bunker appears only in Fallout 76.



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