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Carry weight booster is a consumable item in the Fallout 76 update Locked & Loaded.


A plain, brown, beer bottle containing a powerful Carry Weight boosting liquid. When consumed, it gives a 30 min boost to Carry Weight and quenches a small amount of thirst with no risk of addiction, no rads, and no hangover effect.


  • Can be purchased from Mortimer for 75 gold bullion with a reputation of cautious.
  • Seven were obtainable during season 4:
    • One each upon reaching ranks 4, 33, 53 and 73.
    • Three upon reaching rank 97.

Behind the scenes

  • During the earliest iteration of the scoreboard during the private test server, this item was called "Rad Ant Wee Heavy." It was later changed to "Rad Ant Weight Lager" in the final PTS update. The final name didn't appear until the public release of Locked & Loaded.
  • Previously only available as a season 4 reward, it was made available for purchase in the Steel Reign update.