The maximum amount of equipment your character can carry, in pounds.— in-game description, Fallout

Carry Weight is a derived statistic in the SPECIAL system.

Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout TacticsEdit

Your character will become slower as more weight is put on. When your character reaches the maximum weight, he or she becomes completely weighed down and cannot move until the weight is back under control.

$ \text{Initial level}=25+(\text{Strength}\times25) $

Example: A starting Strength of 5.

$ 25+(5\times25)=150~\text{lbs} $


$ \text{Initial level}=25+(\text{Strength}\times15) $

Fallout 3 and Fallout: New VegasEdit

Movement speed is unaffected by your character's Carry Weight until the weight of items carried exceeds your total carry weight, at which point your character will become overencumbered and unable to run, jump, or fast travel, with the exception of the Long Haul perk in New Vegas.

$ \text{Initial level}=150+(\text{Strength}\times10) $

Example: A starting Strength of 5.

$ 150+(5\times10)=200~\text{lbs} $


  • Every added point of Strength increases your weight limit by 10 lbs.
  • The maximum initial level is capped at 250 lbs without the addition of extra perks.
  • The Strong Back perk increases the limit by 50 lbs.
  • The Burden to Bear perk can increase this limit by another 50 lbs.
  • The Hoarder trait increases the limit by 25 lbs.
  • The NCR Courier duster increases carry weight by another 25 lbs.
  • Buffout can temporarily increase this limit by another 20 lbs per dose, provided that you have 8 or less Strength points.
  • In Fallout: New Vegas, the maximum amount of weight you can carry is 400 lbs.
  • Using the console command "player.modav" carry weight can be increased to a max of 20,106 lbs.
  • If you have the Long Haul perk in New Vegas, you can still fast-travel while over-encumbered.
  • More information about weight and how to manage it is on the Weight article.

Fallout 4Edit

Largely similar to Fallout 3, movement speed is unaffected by carry weight unless overencumbered, and are unable to run or fast travel. However, unlike past games, it is possible to jump.

$ \text{Carrying capacity}=200+(\text{Strength}*10) $

Game settings for carrying capacity:

  • fAVDCarryWeightBase = 200
  • fAVDCarryWeightMult = 10


  • Strong Back increases carrying capacity by up to 50, and also counteracts some of the deficits of being overencumbered by offering the ability to run normally or even fast travel.
  • Lone Wanderer increases carrying capacity by 100 when not traveling with a companion (except Dogmeat).
  • Buffout and X-cell temporarily increase Strength by 2, giving 20 extra carry weight.
  • Any armor with the Fortifying modifier will increase Strength by 1, giving 10 additional carry weight.
  • Armor with the Pocketed misc mod adds 5 carry weight when equipped.
    • Chest armor with the Pocketed misc adds 10 carry weight instead
  • Armor with the Deep pocketed misc mod adds 10 carry weight when equipped.
    • Chest armor with the Deep pocketed misc adds 20 Carry Weight instead.
  • Any power armor leg piece with the Calibrated misc mod adds 50 carry weight when equipped.
  • As of patch 1.5, the base Carry Weight in Survival mode is reduced to 75 lbs.
  • Mysterious serum temporarily increases Strength by 5, providing 50 extra carry weight.
  • With the addition of the Creation Club backpack, the max carrying capacity possible using drugs and legendary clothing is 905 Carry Weight. Requires updating since the updated military backpack creation provides a max increase of 120.


  • PCIcon pc As of patch 1.6 companions may occasionally arbitrarily gain a much higher carry weight than they would be capable of under any other circumstances. Triggering this can be as simple as repeatedly engaging a trade with the companion, taking items from them, ending the trade, re-initiating a trade and giving items to them until one has determined the bug has occurred or not. Their ability to accept even more items in subsequent trades appears to also be random. This applies to humanoid companions and Dogmeat. [verified]
  • Xbox OneIcon xboxone Playstation 4Icon ps4 Companions will pick up items when commanded to even when overencumbered, making their carry weight essentially unlimited so long as the items are first dropped and the companion is told to pick them up.[verified]

Fallout 76Edit

Largely similar to Fallout 4, movement speed is unaffected by carry weight unless overencumbered; you are able to run or fast travel, and can still jump. Fallout 76 differs in that moving while overencumbered drains action points like sprinting. After all points are used, the character's movement will then be greatly reduced. The starting carry weight also differs because Strength starts at 1 for each player character.

$ \text{Carrying capacity}=155+(\text{Strength}*5) $

Carry weight is capped to an absolute limit of 1,500 pounds over the player character's current maximum carry weight.[1]


With the introduction of Wild Appalachia, player characters who complete The Order of the Tadpole are rewarded with, and become able to craft, a backpack that provides +10/+20/+30/+40/+50/+60 carry weight, at levels 1/10/20/30/40/50, respectively.

One modification, namely High Capacity, for the backpack provides an extra +10/+20/+30/+40/+50/+60, totaling to +20/+40/+60/+80/+100/+120 carry weight, at the expense of -10/-20/-30/-40/-50/-60 points of energy and radiation resistance. The other modifications all lower the backpack's carry weight down to +5/+10/+15/+20/+25/+30, while giving other benefits.

Main article: Small backpack

There is another, smaller backpack, introduced in Nuclear Winter, that increases carry weight by half the amount of a normal backpack. The plan for the small backpack can be found in the Overseer's cache in Morgantown Airport. After learning, the small backpack can be crafted at an armor workbench. While it increases carry weight less than the normal backpack, it is nonetheless useful to increase one's carry weight, though it is recommended to acquire the normal backpack.

It provides +5/+10/+15/+20/+25/+30 carry weight, at levels 1/10/20/30/40/50, respectively. This backpack can also be modded with High Capacity, at halved capacities, providing an extra +5/+10/+15/+20/+25/+30, totalling to +10/+20/+30/+40/+50/+60 carry weight, at the same expense of energy and radiation resistance points as the normal backpack.

Weight-related perksEdit

Several perk cards assist in lightening the burden of weight, with higher tier cards reducing more:

  • Strength perks:
    • Bandolier - Ballistic weapon ammo weighs 45%/90% less.
    • Bear Arms - Heavy Guns weigh 30%/60%/90% less.
    • Martial Artist - Your melee weapons weigh 20%/40%/60% less, and you can swing them 10%/20%/30% faster.
    • Ordnance Express - Explosives weigh 30%/60%/90% less.
    • Pack Rat - The weight of all junk items is reduced by 25%/50%/75%.
    • Scattershot - Shotguns now weigh 30%/60%/90% less and you reload them 10%/20%/30% faster.
    • Strong Back - Gain +10/+20/+30/+40 to carry weight.
    • Sturdy Frame - Armor weighs 25%/50% less than normal.
    • Traveling Pharmacy - Weights of all Chems (including Stimpaks) are reduced by 30%/60%/90%.
  • Intelligence perks:
  • Agility perks:
    • Packin' Light - Your pistols weigh 25%/50%/75% less.
    • Thru-hiker - Food and drink weights are reduced by 30%/60%/90%.

Strength-related perksEdit

Not to be confused with perks cards in the Strength category, there are a couple of perk cards that affect one's total Strength, which in turn affect their carry weight:

  • Endurance perks:
    • Radicool - The greater your rads, the greater your strength! (+5 Max)
    • Solar Powered - Gain +1/+2/+3 to STR and END between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.


There is a plethora of consumable items a player character may use to modify their carry weight temporarily, with additional effects. Some of these directly change the player character's carry weight, while many of them modify carry weight indirectly by increasing or decreasing the Strength statistic, which in turn changes carry weight according to the formula above.

Image Name S P E C I A L Carry Weight Other Effects Weight
FO76 Beer Beer +1 +1 -1 1
FO76 Blackwater Brew bottle Blackwater Brew +1 +1 -1 1
Fo4strengthbobblehead Bobblehead: Strength +2 0.01
Bourbon Bourbon +1 +1 -1 1
Fallout4 Buffout Buffout +2 +2 +25 Max HP 0.25
FO76 Bufftats Bufftats +3 +3 +3 +40 Max HP 0.25
FO76 Brahmin milk Chally's Milk +1 +12 HP, -25 Rads 0.25
Fo76 mole rat chunks Cramburger +20 +60 HP, +10 Rads 1
FO76 Cranberry moonshine Cranberry Moonshine +1 +1 -1 +25 Max HP 1.2
Day Tripper chem Day Tripper -2 +3 +3 0.25
FO76 Ribeye steak Deathclaw Steak +2 +60 HP, +10 Rads 1.5
FO76 Deathclaw Wellington Deathclaw Wellington +3 +90 HP, +5 Rads 1
FO76 Fried radtoad legs Fried Radtoad Legs +20 +60 HP, +2 Rads 1
Grilled radstag Grilled Radstag +20 +60 HP, +10 Rads 1.5
FO76 Fried radtoad legs Grilled Radtoad +20 +25 HP, +2 Rads 0.25
Fo4 grognak ruby ruins Grognak & the Ruby Ruins +1 0.01
Grognak War Maiden of Mars Grognak the Barbarian 6 -75% Melee Weapon Weight 0.01
Grognak the Barbarian NOV Grognak the Barbarian 9 +10 0.01
Fo76 mole rat chunks Mole Rat Chunks +1 +25 HP, +4 Rads 0.5
FO76 Jar of mountain honey Mountain Honey +1 +1 -1 +25 Max HP 1.2
FO76 Tato salad surprise Mystery Meat Pie +3 +20 +60 HP, +2 Rads 1
New river red ale New River Red Ale +1 +1 -1 1
Nuka-Cola Dark Nuka-Cola Dark +1 -1 +1 1
Oak Holler lager Oak Holler Lager +1 +1 -1 1
Old Possum Old Possum +1 +1 -1 1
F76WL Pepperoni roll Pepperoni Roll +30 +20 HP, +2 Rads 0.1
Pickaxe pilsner Pickaxe Pilsner +1 +1 -1 1
Fallout4 Psycho Psychobuff +3 +3 +65 Max HP, +25% Damage 0.25
FO76 Beer Rad Ant Lager +50, then -50 1
FO76 Ribeye steak Ribeye Steak +20 +45 HP, +5 Rads 1
Grilled radroach Roasted Ant +10 +25 HP, +2 Rads 0.25
FO76 Beer Rodgers' Reserve Beer +2 +2 -2 1
Rum Rum +1 -1 +1 1
Fo76 Scouts' Life 02 Scouts' Life 2 +10 0.01
FO76 Blackberry juice Simple Fern Flower Tea +1 +10 HP, +2 Rads 0.5
FO76 Mirelurk cake Smoked Mirelurk Fillets +30 +250 HP, +2 Rads 1
FO76 Firecracker berry juice Steeped Fern Flower Tea +2 +25 HP, +1 Rad 0.5
Stingwing filet Stingwing Filet +2 +45 HP, +5 Rads 0.5
Fo4 Vodka Vodka +1 -1 +25 Max HP 1
Fo4 Whiskey Whiskey +2 -1 1
Fo4 wine Wine +1 -1 +15 AP 1
X-Cell (Fallout 4) X-Cell +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 +2 0.25

Armor modsEdit

Like in Fallout 4, there are four armor modifications that allow the wearer to carry more items or modify the specific item's weight:

  • Pocketed - An armor mod that increases carry weight by 10, for the torso, and 5, for the limbs.
  • Deep Pocketed - An armor mod that increases carry weight by 20, for the torso, and 10, for the limbs.
  • Lighter Build - An armor mod that reduces the weight of armor and increases AP by 2.
  • Ultra-light Build - An armor mod that reduces twice as much weight as the Lighter Build mod does and increases AP by 5.


Five of the mutations in the game affect carry weight.

  • Marsupial adds 20 to the player character's carry weight, while additionally providing improved jump height. Its negative effect reduces the player character's Intelligence by 4.
  • Bird Bones reduces the player character's Strength by 4, which reduces not only carry weight, but melee damage as well. Its positive effect improves the player character's Agility by 4 and slows their fall.
  • Eagle Eyes reduces the player character's Strength by 4. Its positive effect improves the player character's Perception by 4 and increases critical damage by 25%.
  • Egg Head reduces the player character's Strength and Endurance by 3. Its positive effect improves the player character's Intelligence by 6.
  • Herd Mentality increases all SPECIAL stats by 2 when the player character is on a team, but reduces those stats by 2 when they are solo.

Legendary effectsEdit

Weapons and armor that are starred have legendary effects and some effects modify the weight of the starred item itself and/or other items the player character is carrying.

  • Weapons with 3 stars and armor with at least 2 stars may have the modifier of providing 1 Strength.
  • Weapons with 3 stars may have the minor modifier of reducing its own weight by 90% and can be further reduced, with Bear Arms, Martial Artist, Scattershot, or Packin' Light.
  • Armor with the "Weightless" prefix reduce its own weight by 90% and also can be further reduced, with Sturdy Frame. In addition, Weightless armor does not count against the Chameleon mutation.
  • Armor with the "Unyielding" prefix adds 3 to all stats, except Endurance, when low health.
  • Armor with 3 stars may have the one of four minor modifiers that reduce weight. These effects stack up (with perks) to a cap of 90%:
    • Ammo weight reduced by 20%.
    • Weapon weights reduced by 20%.
      • For weapons with the minor modifier that reduce weight by 90%, this 20% is applied after the 90% but before weight reduction perks, making it possible to reduce weapon weight by up to 99%.
    • Food, drink, and chem weights reduced by 20%.
    • Junk weight reduced by 20%.

My stash boxEdit

My stash boxes share the same inventory across Appalachia, meaning that any deposited item can be withdrawn from any box, thus objects do not need to necessarily be carried across the map. The boxes can found at railroad stations, Red Rocket truck stops, or placed at any C.A.M.P. or workshop. Weight-related perks do not affect the weights of items inside it.

The current carry weight of the stash box is 800.


  1. Patch - Design and gameplay: "Carry Weight: Is now capped to an absolute limit of 1,500 pounds over the character's current maximum carry weight."
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