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[[Category:Fallout 3 human characters]]
[[Category:Fallout 3 human characters]]
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[[de:Carrie Delayne]]
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My name is Carrie Delaney. I teach fourth grade at the Early Dawn Elementary School, in Washington, D.C. Yesterday, October 23, 2077, half the school went on a field trip to Lamplight Caverns. We were packing up to leave when- when everything went crazy.The caves started shaking, the lights went out, the kids started screaming. My God... Mister Pollack went outside to see what was going on. When he came back in, he told us what he saw. Clouds. Mushroom clouds. It's finally happened. The end of the world.— Carrie, on her first holotape entry

Carrie Delaney was a fourth grade teacher at the Early Dawn Elementary school in Chevy Chase, Washington, D.C. One of her students was Jason Grant.

On October 23, 2077, she was one of several teachers (including Claudia, Mr. Cob and Mr. Pollack) who took half the school on a field trip to the Little Lamplight caverns. As the group was readying to leave, the lights suddenly went out and the cave shook. Mr. Pollack went outside to investigate and reported that he had seen mushroom clouds all over the D.C. area.

Delaney kept journal holodisks of the time spent in the Lamplight caverns, reporting that over the next few days and weeks the other adults who ventured outside to seek assistance or supplies never returned, until she was the last surviving adult. Approximately one month after the bombs dropped, Carrie Delaney stepped outside to look for help and never came back. It is presumed that she and the other adults perished due to the radioactive fallout present soon after the nuclear holocaust.[1]


Carrie Delaney is mentioned in holodisks found in Fallout 3. She is not found within the game.

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