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He'll always be my baby, even if he comes back in a suit of power armor one day. I try to be proud of what he's doing, happy that he's finally getting a chance to learn something special. Can't say I succeed all the time, but it helps.— Carol about Colin

Carol Putnam is the owner of Lewis & Sons Farming Supply in Appalachia, living there with the rest of her family.


Carol has been married to her husband George for twenty years.[1] She and her family returned to Appalachia in 2103 and made their home at the former farm supply store. The family first secured the barn before later returning to begin restoring the location. Carol claimed the Putnam's as rightful owners and inheritors of the location since George was a cousin of Lewis, the previous owner, who died during the Great War along with his family. Carol uses the threat of her husband George and his shotgun as a deterrent to would-be troublemakers.[2]

Carol informed the Brotherhood of Steel of a ghoul presence in the area which she believed had originated near Orwell Orchards based on the number of attacks in the area. After Carol's sons both express interest in joining the Brotherhood, she and George both agreed that one son could join, but the farm could not spare both of them.

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Carol Putnam appears appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Steel Dawn update. She was previously mentioned in One Wasteland For All in a note that foreshadowed her arrival.


  1. A Vault Dweller: "How's the farm doing?"
    Carol Putnam: "We're getting to be self-sufficient soon. Greenhouse is getting there. George wants to restore the house, but we're fine in here."
    George Putnam: "The boys are going to want rooms of their own, dear. Don't act like you wouldn't mind being away from their snoring."
    Carol Putnam: "We've got other work needs doing first. If I can put up with your snoring for twenty years, I can deal with them."
    (Carol and George Putnam's dialogue)
  2. Notice: New owners