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Oh, that's wonderful news! I'm so glad! if you see him, please tell him that his mother misses him and loves him and that I hope he's happy. But, he shouldn't come visit. It's too dangerous. No, no. He should stay put where he is.

Carol is a female ghoul residing in the Underworld in 2277. She runs Carol's Place with her partner Greta.


Born in 2051,[1] Carol was alive for the events of the Great War of 2077. Living in Washington D.C., Carol and her father had sought safety in a fallout shelter within the city proper,[2] after the bombs began falling. Carol had barely entered the shelter, and was turning back to find her father who had stopped to help another family,[3] when the thermal pulse from a nuclear explosion flash-vaporized him and knocked her unconscious. Hours later, Carol awoke and ran back to hopefully find him, but instead, she only found his shadow permanently burned into a wall. Other survivors then took Carol back into the shelter.

Carol did not stay in the shelter long, however. After the nuclear barrages ended, Carol ventured out into the city to seek a place to survive. Much of the city had either been reduced to rubble or was still aflame following the nuclear bombardment, but Carol was able to find safety in the relatively-undamaged Museum of History's "Afterlife" exhibit. Carol has been there ever since.

Over time, more survivors gravitated to the museum, almost all carrying stories of the lawlessness and chaos of the wasteland. This further convinced Carol to remain in the museum. However, as time passed, Carol and many of the other survivors began noticing odd physiological changes, with dry, flaking skin being dominant. Although the rate at which the disorder progressed varied from person to person, the result was ghoulification: the entire population of the museum had become ghouls. While some had eventually turned mad or even become glowing ones, others, like Carol, just accepted their transformations.

It is unknown if these "mad" ghouls were ferals or if they just went insane from the psychological damage caused by the transformation.


Carol met another ghoul named Greta in the mid-2210s, whom it is implied she is in a relationship with.[4] For over sixty years, the two have jointly run Carol's Place, with Carol handling sleeping arrangements and Greta serving food.[5]

At an unspecified time prior to the emergence of the Lone Wanderer from Vault 101, Carol befriended and "adopted" a ghoul named Gob. This caused a small rift between her and Greta, which Carol would later ascribe to jealousy. Whether or not that was correct, Gob later moved out and carried on the family tradition as a barkeep in Megaton, and the relationship between Carol and Greta stabilized, though Carol often worries about Gob's well-being.

Daily schedule

Carol performs basic hotel keeping duties such as sweeping and renting out beds.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.
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This character rents beds. Bottle cap 120.
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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


Effects of player's actions

If both Gob and Greta are killed, Carol will become despondent and mope around in her shop.

Other interactions

  • Although Carol is hesitant to talk about her experiences during and since the War, she will tell her story if encouraged.
  • When talking to Carol, she can be asked about Gob. If Megaton was blown up during The Power of the Atom and the Lone Wanderer tells Carol that they were responsible, everyone in Underworld (except Doctor Barrows, his assistant, and sometimes Tulip and Willow) becomes hostile (including Charon, even if he is currently a companion). If Megaton was not blown up but the Lone Wanderer killed Gob, only Carol will become hostile. Killing her in self-defense will not result in any Karma loss.
  • If one mentions that Gob is likely a slave, Carol will say that she is sad for him but is glad to know he is safe. She also asks the Lone Wanderer to take a message to him.[6]
  • If she is told that Gob is dead, she will become very sad and start talking about how she was "thinking about Gob" every time dialogue is started with her.[7][8]


Apparel Weapon Other items
Dirty pre-War casualwear


Carol claims that she was "a little girl" when the bombs fell, and her story of "looking up" at her father seems to support this. Therefore, her birth date of 2051 (which would make her 25 at the youngest in 2077) must be a mistaken memory. However, she could mean relatively as she is over 200 years old.

Notable quotes


Carol appears only in Fallout 3.


  1. Carol: "I was born in 2051, so yes, that makes me a pre-war Ghoul."
    (Carol's dialogue)
  2. Carol: "I do... I was in a shelter with my father when the bombs hit. In DC, we had the luxury of getting a warning after the west coast was... gone..."
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  3. Carol: "He stopped to help this one family, and I looked up and called his name... there was a flash of light, brighter than anything you can imagine."
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  6. The Lone Wanderer: "He works for a guy up in Megaton. I think he might be a slave."
    Carol: "That's... that's terrible. But at least I know he's alive. So that's something. If you get up that way again, tell him that I said that I miss him and that I love him. But, he shouldn't try to escape. It's too dangerous. No, no. He should stay put where he is. I couldn't bear the thought of him getting hurt."
    (Carol's dialogue)
  7. The Lone Wanderer: "He was up in Megaton. I'm afraid that he's dead."
    Carol: "No! Not Gob... I'm... I'm sorry... I need some time alone..."
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