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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carol Peabody.


1-00083AEFYou're so quiet.
2You have nothing to say?


4MS01BulletSurround00106C76Billy: That's the man that tried to buy me.{near panic / Worried} Oh my god! They want Billy!MattPeabody: They won't take us Carol. At least not alive.A1a
500106C6BPlayer Default: Stranger, you can just move along.{Near panic / Pleading} Oh god! Don't let them take Billy.A1a
6Player Default: Stranger, you can just move along.{Angry} You coward! I hope the rads burn your eyes out.A2a
7Player Default: Stranger, you can just move along.{whispered / Afraid} Shh! Everybody be quiet.A3a
8MS01PeabodyReunite0002A725Billy: Mom? Dad? Are you in there?{surprise, then joy / Happy} Billy? Billy!MattPeabody: Son? Is that really you?A1a
90002A722Billy: It's me. It's really me.{tears of joy / Surprised} Oh my god!A1a
10{relieved / Worried} We thought you were dead.Billy: What happened to you? You're all burned up like me.A1b
110002A71FMattPeabody: The radiation changed us. Looks like it did the same thing to you.{Ignore the "happy" anim. Putting him at ease. / Happy} Don't worry about it, Billy.A1a
12{reassuring / Happy} Your dad and I don't care what you look like. We still love you.Billy: I love you too, mom.A1b
13MS01ThankPlayer0002A715Player Default: We didn't make it to the shelter in time.{Somber} The door was shutting as the bombs fell. We both must have taken a lot of radiation.MattPeabody: I guess we were some of the lucky ones. Most folks die instead of becoming ghouls. Must be something in both our genes.Y1a
140002A713MattPeabody: Although it's really more why you look like us.{Telling a depressing story / Somber} We wandered for a while, but eventually came back here.Y1a
15{resigned / Concerned} We've been living here ever since. Not really anywhere else to go.MattPeabody: Let me thank you. Take this.Y1b
16-001081AE{Worried} Don't let them get Billy.
17000285F1{Angry} You're a monster.
18{Relieved} For a while I actually believed you sold us to him.


19-0019EF72Thank you for saving Billy.
20At least Matt got to see his son before he died.
210019EF71{talking to herself / Puzzled} Where did I put that...