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This is a transcript for dialogue with Carol.


Bed How much for a room? Neutral 50 Huh? Oh... 120 caps... I guess. 1
BedNO No, thanks. Neutral 50 Okay, then. 2
BedYES Actually, I don't have 120 caps. Neutral 50 Oh. Sorry... there's not really anything I can do. I have to make money, you know. 3
120 Caps sounds good to me. Neutral 50 Ok, it's right over there. Middle room. 4
GREETING GREETING Sad 50 What? Oh... I'm sorry... I was just thinking about my poor Gob. Did you need something? 5
GREETING Sad 50 Poor Gob. I know it's not your problem, but... I'm sorry. Do you need something? 6
GREETING Sad 50 First Gob goes to see the world, and now Greta is dead... everyone I love leaves me, it seems. 7
GREETING Happy 25 Yeah, what is it- Oh! Oh my! Someone new! I'm so sorry, you must think me terribly rude! Welcome! Welcome to Carol's Place! I'm Carol. 8
Neutral 50 It's not much, I know, but it's mine! So, if you need anything, just let me know. Greta will get you any food you want, and I handle the rooms. 9
Neutral 50 It's so good to have someone new here, even if it is an ugly ol' smoothskin! I'm kidding! I'm just kiddin! Don't make that face! You'll love it here. 10
GREETING Happy 25 Yeah, what is it- Oh! Oh my! Someone new! I'm so sorry, you must think me terribly rude! Welcome! Welcome to Carol's Place! I'm Carol. 11
Neutral 50 It's not much, I know, but it's mine! So, if you need anything, just let me know. Greta will get you any food you want, and I handle the rooms. 12
Neutral 50 It's so good to have someone new here, especially a pretty young smoothskin like yourself! I hope you like it here! 13
GREETING Happy 50 Oh, I just love to see your pretty face smiling at me. What do you need, honey? 14
GREETING Happy 50 Oh, I was just telling Greta "that pretty young smoothskin hasn't been around in a while", and here you are! 15
GREETING Happy 50 Oh, hello again! Do you need anything, darling? 16
GREETING Neutral 50 Well, hello. It's always good to see a customer. What do you need? 17
GREETING Neutral 50 See, I knew you'd be back. 18
GREETING Neutral 50 Oh, hello again! Do you need anything? 19
MS14BackOff Sounds like a normal guy. Neutral 50 Yes. He's much nicer than some of my guests. 20
What can you tell me about Mister Crowley?
Do you know Mister Crowley? Happy 50 The back room renter? Oh, he's a swell guest. So polite too. Never gets mad at anyone. 21
Neutral 50 I've been letting that room to him for about a year now. 22
Come on. You can tell me. Ahzrukhal said so. <Lie.>
So he doesn't do anything strange? Surprise 50 Well, he does keep talking about how he's going to make his fortune soon. 23
Neutral 50 He says as soon as he finds some wastelander to do his dirty work, he'll be set for life. 24
Disgust 50 I think it's just the whiskey talking. Vile stuff. 25
SpeechChallengeFailure SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 Well, I never! You, sir, are no gentleman. 26
SpeechChallengeFailure Anger 50 Well, I never! You, madam, are no lady. 27
UnderworldCarolGobTopic Have you ever heard of a guy named Gob? Happy 50 Gob? Yes, of course! {Her mood brightens a little.} 28
Neutral 50 He's my son... well, not really, not like you would think of a son. We Ghouls don't really work like that, but I love him like he's my own! 29
Neutral 50 Do you know him? Have you seen him? Is he alright? 30
UnderworldCarolGobTopic1 He was up in Megaton. I'm afraid that he's dead. Sad 100 No! Not Gob... I'm... I'm sorry... I need some time alone... 31
He's working in a bar in Megaton. Happy 100 Oh, that's wonderful news! I'm so glad! if you see him, please tell him that his mother misses him and loves him and that I hope he's happy. 32
Surprise 50 But, he shouldn't come visit. It's too dangerous. No, no. He should stay put where he is. 33
UnderworldCarolGobTopic2 He was up in Megaton. At least he was until I killed him. Anger 50 You... you what? 34
Anger 100 YOU SON OF A BITCH! 35
He works for a guy up in Megaton. I think he might be a slave. Neutral 50 That's... that's terrible. But at least I know he's alive. So that's something. 36
Neutral 50 If you get up that way again, tell him that I said that I miss him and that I love him. 37
Neutral 50 But, he shouldn't try to escape. It's too dangerous. No, no. He should stay put where he is. I couldn't bear the thought of him getting hurt. 38
UnderworldCarolGreta You're taking Greta's death really hard, aren't you? Sad 50 We've been together longer than you've been alive. 39
Sad 50 It's just... you know, you think that you're going to be with someone forever, and then you wake up one day and they're gone. 40
Sad 50 Where do you do from there? 41
You run this place with Greta? Sad 50 That's right. Her and I have been together for... oh... about 60 years now. 42
Sad 50 But, things haven't really been the same since Gob left. He was like a son to me. I think Greta was always a little jealous of him... 43
UnderworldCarolHistory How did you end up here? Neutral 50 Oh, that's such a long story. You couldn't possibly want to hear about that. 44
UnderworldCarolHistory1 No, Carol. I'd love to hear your story. Neutral 50 Well, okay... but it's nothing special. 45
Neutral 50 I was born in 2051, so yes, that makes me a pre-war Ghoul. 46
UnderworldCarolHistory1END See, and you said you weren't interesting. Neutral 50 You tell the same stories for 200 years, you'll feel pretty uninteresting too. 47
UnderworldCarolHistory1a Do you remember the day the war started? Neutral 50 I do... I was in a shelter with my father when the bombs hit. In DC, we had the luxury of getting a warning after the west coast was... gone... 48
Anger 50 I was just a little girl then. We couldn't afford a space in one of the Vaults. I remember filing down into that shelter, my father rushing me in. 49
Sad 50 He stopped to help this one family, and I looked up and called his name... there was a flash of light, brighter than anything you can imagine. 50
Sad 50 I woke up a few hours later. The first thing I did was run up to where my father had been. He... he was gone. But the strangest thing... 51
Neutral 50 There was his shadow, burned into the wall, so crisp and clear like he was standing next to me. The heat had burned it into the concrete... 52
UnderworldCarolHistory1b What was the Wasteland like after the war? Neutral 50 The city was on fire for weeks... maybe months, I don't know. I hid down here in the museum... it was the closest building to the shelter I was in. 53
Neutral 50 But I could hear what was happening above. People howling like animals. Chaos. Looting, killing, it's like every foul thing inside of them came out. 54
Neutral 50 It was a nightmare... I... I don't want to talk about it. 55
UnderworldCarolHistory1c So, how did you end up as a Ghoul? Neutral 50 I don't know how it happens. Doctor Barrows says it was radiation. All I know is that people kept showing up here in the museum. 56
Neutral 50 After things calmed down above ground, we tried to live down here as best we could. After a while, things got strange. 57
Neutral 50 My skin started to get dry and flake off. Everyone's did. It took a while, months, maybe a year. But sooner or later, everyone ended up like this. 58
Neutral 50 Some of them went crazy. Some of us just accepted it. After a while, other Ghouls would find their way in here and Underworld just sort of grew. 59
Neutral 50 No one bothered us down here, and we were happy enough to leave them alone. And once my Greta showed up, it was a good enough life for me. 60
UnderworldCarolHistory2 You know, you're right. I don't. Neutral 50 See, I knew it. I'm really just a boring old Ghoul, I promise. 61
UnderworldTownTopic What can you tell me about Underworld? Sad 50 I've been here since we founded the town. Before that, well, life out in the Wastes wasn't very pleasant for us. 62
Neutral 50 But, so long as we stay down here, we can live our lives as people not monsters. I think things are better this way for everyone. 63


GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 You come back real soon now! 64
I have to go now. Neutral 50 You're not bad... for a human. 65
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Don't let these people get to you. 66
HELLO HELLO Sad 50 Too bad about Crowley. I heard Tenpenny put out a contract on him. 67
HELLO Neutral 50 We don't get a lot of humans in here... 68
HELLO Neutral 50 Do you need a room? 69
HELLO Neutral 50 Welcome to my place. 70
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 Oh, don't worry about me. You just go enjoy your drink. 71
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 No need to worry about me, dear. You just go enjoy your food. 72
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 Oh, don't worry yourself over me. I'm just fine. Go talk to your friends. 73
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 I've been better, but I'm fine. No need to worry. 74
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 Oh, I'm doing alright, I suppose. 75
UnderworldTalkCarolGhoulResponse Neutral 50 I'm fine, I'm just fine. Thank you for your concern. I'm fine. 76
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth1 UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth1 Neutral 50 What? Oh, I'm fine, Greta. I'm just fine, miles away, you know? 77
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth1 Neutral 50 Oh, Greta, baby. You don't need to worry about me, I was just lost in my thoughts. You know how it is. 78
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth3 UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth3 Neutral 50 Oh, the customers are fine. So long as they've got you to being them food and drinks, they couldn't care less. 79
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaHealth3 Neutral 50 They don't need to worry about me, Greta, and neither do you. I'll be okay. 80
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired1 UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired1 Neutral 50 What now? Oh, I'm sorry Greta, I didn't see you there... did you need something? 81
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired1 Neutral 50 Hrm? Oh, hey Greta... what were you saying? 82
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired3 UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired3 Neutral 50 Oh, Greta, you worry too much. I'm fine, I'm fine. Just have a lot on my mind. It'll pass. Nothing to worry about. 83
UnderworldTalkCarolGretaTired3 Neutral 50 There's nothing to worry about, Greta. You're so sweet, always thinking about me. But I'm fine, I promise. 84
UnderworldTalkResponseShort1 UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Hey, Greta. How's my girl? 85
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Hello, Greta. You always manage to make me feel a little better. 86
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Good morning... I think. Is it morning? 87
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 If you need anything, just ask Greta. 88
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Hello. How is everything? 89
UnderworldTalkHelloResponseShort Neutral 50 Hi there, enjoying yourself? 90