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If you want something to eat, you should order it quick, hon. The stew just stopped moving.Greta

Carol's Place is a restaurant and hotel located on the upper floor of the Underworld concourse, across the hall from The Ninth Circle. It is run by Carol and Greta. Mister Crowley can be found here, as he has rented a bed in the back.


There is a counter with a bed behind it. The Lone Wanderer can rent a bed from Carol or purchase food from Greta. The rented bed can be seen in the room on the left and there are some tables and beds in that room as well as some wardrobes.

Related quests


Carol's Place appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenes

A painting by the 18th-century Dutch-French Romantic painter Ary Scheffer depicting Dante and Virgil is on a pillar next to the counter.