Plant matter in any form ceased to contain nutritional value for subjects, and was frequently immediately vomited back up. Meat, on the other hand, appeared to provide all the necessary sustenance for subjects, with no signs of malnutrition after several weeks of observation. Subjects were also able to consume raw meat with no apparent risk of foodborne illnesses. Additionally, subjects exhibited heightened awareness of meat, and could detect it being prepared on the other side of the facility. Initital testing discontinued when subjects began suggesting researchers looked "tasty."The Whitespring bunker terminal entries

Carnivore is a mutation in Fallout 76.


Positive effects
Eating meat provides double hunger satisfaction, HP restoration, and consumable buffs, with no disease chance.
Negative effects
Eating vegetable-based food does not satisfy hunger, restore HP, or apply buffs.


  • Gaining this mutation locks the Herbivore mutation from being acquired.
  • The bonuses from Carnivore can be increased from x2.0 to x2.5 by equipping the Strange in Numbers perk card.
  • The Carnivore serum can be used to gain this mutation instantly and will suppress the negative effect.

Positive effects

Carnivore will positively affect the following meat-based food:

Negative effects

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Carnivore will negatively affect vegetable-based food:


  • Although Herbivore will increase the benefits of fruit and herb-based food/drink, Carnivore will not decrease the effects of these items.

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