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Carl McKevitt is a developer who works at Bethesda Game Studios on Fallout 76 as a quest designer and writer. He is currently a lead designer on Fallout 76,[1] and has held a number of credited roles as quest designer.[2]


Work on the Fallout series[]

Carl started out on Fallout 76 a few months before the game launched, helping with some minor work pre-release.[3] However, he only started his major quest design work with Wild Appalachia, in which he worked on the Lying Lowe quest line.[3][4] Afterwards, he was a quest designer on every major update, including Steel Dawn and Steel Reign, until after the Night of the Moth update, when he transitioned into the role of senior quest designer.[3][4] Since then, he has been more involved with overseeing teams, as well as collaborating with studios like Double Eleven, rather than direct content creation;[3] for example, his work on Expeditions: The Pitt was more focused on feedback and playtesting.[5] However, he did also contribute significantly to the Once in a Blue Moon update.[3]

Carl was the primary designer for the Blue Ridge Caravan Company.[6] The character of Aries was a passion project for Carl; he has discussed balancing telling characters' stories, with those characters being a part of the player's story.[3] He also worked on Grahm's Meat-Cook with Ellys Tan, as well as The Mothman Equinox.[7] As of 2024, Carl is a lead designer on Fallout 76.[1]

Carl is a member of the Bethesda Game Studios Discord server; in his posts, he often emphasizes that contributions to the game are a team effort and that the developers work closely together.[8]

Employment history[]

April 2018PresentBethesda Game Studios AustinLead Designer
Senior Quest Designer & Writer


Fallout series[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
2018Fallout 76Lead Designer (2024-present)
Senior Quest Designer (2022-24)
Quest Designer & Writer (2020-22)
Additional Quest Designer & Writer (2018-20)

Other work[]

YearTitleCredited as/for
2015Rise & DestroyDesigner/Writer

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