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Late in 2060, the U.S. military deployed their unmanned Cargobots all over Appalachia. They proved ideal for providing reconnaissance and delivering supplies in even the most hostile conditions.Fallout 76 loading screen

Cargobots are a type of robot encountered in Appalachia in 2102.


A cargobot is an automated, airborne cargo-delivery drone that transports government aid drops. Before the Great War, the National Catastrophe Relief Auxiliary set up an automated system using cargobots that would allow NCRA personnel to reliably distribute emergency relief supplies in the event of a disaster. By 2102, this system continues to function across Appalachia, and cargobots can be summoned by loading a US Government supply requisition holotape into a relay tower's emergency broadcast terminal.

Gameplay attributesEdit

Cargobots are completely unarmed. As a cargobot's primary function is ostensibly to deliver government aid drops, it will fly to a suitable drop location near the relay tower where it was summoned, release the government aid drop, and then depart the area.

Cargobots also play a vital role in the late-game activation of the nuclear missile silos hidden around Appalachia. Cargobots, when tracked during the "Hide and Seek and Destroy" repeatable quest, will spawn into the world transporting an airdrop that contains loot and a nuclear keycard. This nuclear keycard is necessary to attempt a launch at any of the three nuclear missile silos. To access this cargo, the player character must destroy the robot. When attacked, the bot will become "hostile" but unable to attack the player character. The cargobot will remain in (relative) proximity of the player character and high up in the air. Once defeated, the airdrop that the cargobot drops will have a single nuclear keycard inside. This airdrop will remain where it landed for five minutes before it self-destructs.



Name (Base ID)StatisticsBehaviorAbilitiesItems
Icon level
Icon eye
Icon heart
Icon shield silver
Icon electrical
Icon radiation
Icon poison
Icon XP
Icon fist
Unaggressive: Will not initiate combat.Icon optionalIcon optionalIcon optional
Icon confidence
Foolhardy: Will never flee or avoid anyone.Icon requiredIcon requiredIcon requiredIcon required
Icon group
Helps nobody: Will not help anyone.Icon optionalIcon optional


Cargobots appear only in Fallout 76.