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A caravaneer is any individual that is involved in some way with a caravan. In the Mojave Wasteland, most caravaneers are employed by the Crimson Caravan Company. A few people considered as caravaneers can also be encountered at the Mojave Outpost in 2281.


Crimson Caravan Company

The hired hands of the local Crimson Caravan branch are contracted and their boss, Alice McLafferty, makes it a point to ensure that they know what they're signing up for, not hiding anything in the terms with fancy talk.[1] Most of the caravan's employees reside in quarters located on-site at the branch's main compound on the outskirts of New Vegas. While not on the road, caravaneers perform various chores to support the caravan, such as tending to the pack brahmin, cleaning their pens[2] and cataloging sales and deliveries.

Mojave Outpost

At the Mojave Outpost, some of the travelers coming in from California on their way to Vegas are referred to as caravaneers, implying that they arrived alongside the caravans, accompanying them for protection while out in the desert. The caravans and travelers are stranded due to the presence of dangers on the way to the city, such as Powder Gangers and giant ants. Ranger Jackson, who is in charge of the outpost, wants to get the caravans moving again, but a lack of manpower eventually prompts him to hire the Courier to clear the road.[3]

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Caravaneers appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.



  1. The Courier: "Are work contracts legal?"
    Alice McLafferty: "Yes, and they have been for decades now. The hired hands know what they're signing up for - we don't hide anything with fancy talk."
    (Alice McLafferty's dialogue)
  2. Caravaneer: "Damn Brahmin crap everywhere."
    (Crimson caravaneer's dialogue)
  3. The Courier: "Any way I can help?"
    Jackson: "Help? No, look, I apprec... You know, what, yes, I could use the help. And you look like you can handle yourself. I need to get the caravans moving again, that means clearing a path north. There's too much crawling the asphalt up the road to allow it."
    (Ranger Jackson's dialogue)
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