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The car dealership is an unmarked location in the Capital Wasteland. It can be found northeast of the Fairfax ruins and northwest of the Red Racer factory.


Selling the brand new 2077 Corvega for $199,999.99,[1] the dealership can be found by heading east from the Fairfax ruins.


The exterior of the dealership is of a similar design to surrounding industrial buildings. A water tower stands nearby, and an Enclave detachment sets up a position beneath it after The Waters of Life. The building's interior is spacious, with two vehicles on display. An administrative section is in the back, and a repair bay is built on a raised section on the left side of the room.

Notable loot


  • It is possible for a single Enclave soldier to spawn near the water tower before The Waters of Life is completed.
  • A Talon Company or Regulator squad may ambush from nearby, depending on Karma level.
  • There is a Red Rocket to the left of the building, which is a random encounter location.
  • In front of the dealership is a possible encounter of a three-way battle between the Enclave, Talon Company, and the Brotherhood of Steel. If all the combatants are killed, this may become a recurring encounter as they may respawn every three in-game days.
  • A separate dealership run by Bob exists in a special encounter in Fallout.


The car dealership appears only in Fallout 3.