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Capture is a side quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Quick walkthrough

Nuka-World radiant quest: Capture
Speak to Shank.
Travel to the target location.
Kill the target.
Kill every settler, minuteman or enemy present at the location.
Open the workshop and build a raider signal flag.
Reward: 75 XP

Detailed walkthrough

Speak to Shank and choose the settlement that the player character wants to convert into a raider outpost. Go to the location and kill every settler that lives in the settlement and kill all of the minutemen protecting the settlement. After this, the player character needs to open up the workshop and build the gang's signal flag.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
20 Meet your Gang outside <Alias=myLocation>Shank said there'd be a crew waiting for me near the job location. They'll back me up when I'm ready to start the attack. He also mentioned I could swap out their gear, if need be.
50 Wipe out Targets at <Alias=myLocation>We've begun our attack on the settlement! Leave no survivors!
100 Wipe out Targets at <Alias=myLocation>The local settlers are all pushing up daisies. Now I just need to plant a signal flag using the local workshop and this place will be all ours.
1000Quest finishedQuest complete


  • Killing all of the minutemen in the settlement will not make every minuteman hostile toward the player character.
  • Raider gangs will start to like the player character more if they give them more settlements.
  • Shank cannot send the player character to a settlement that has a companion in it.
  • Some settlements with quest important characters cannot be turned into a raider outpost.
  • This quest also essentially functions as the raider version of Taking Point if one has not yet visited specific settlements that have hostiles that must be cleared before using the workshop (such as Croup Manor or Taffington Boathouse).