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Captain of the Guard is a title granted by the First Citizen of Vault City to exemplary citizens that have gone above and beyond the call of duty to protect the city's interest and independence. In essence, it is the highest military rank one can hold, giving the citizen full authority over Vault City's military might.


In Fallout 2, the Chosen One can attain this rank if they are nice enough to Lynette and complete the exchange between her and Westin.

Obtaining this rank within Vault City will allow the Chosen One to go back to Citizen Sergeant Stark in the corrections center and demand that he pay John Cassidy compensation for damaging his bar, which will earn them $500 and 500 XP. It will also allow them to bring Marcus and Lenny into the inner city without being stopped by the guards. Bringing Marcus to the vault doctor will earn XP and a considerable amount of ammo, as he pulls years of accumulated bullets out of Marcus' body.


Here are the requirements to be appointed Captain of the Guard:

If all the conditions are met, await the promotion after reporting back to Lynette after the delivery.

"Respect Counter"

In order to be promoted, completing the quests is not enough; it is also mandatory to have a high level of respect from the First Citizen. Respect is gained by using her proper form of address (First Citizen), and lowered by wasting her time when not a citizen. A Speech skill of 75% is generally needed to have the "respectful" options in dialogue.[1] 11 total points of "respect" are needed, with each "respectful" line (with a few exceptions, so the effective number is somewhere around 15) earning one.

One sure way is to ask her about why they are not living in the vault, getting the all-clear, respectfully requesting to speak with the overseer and checking with the vault computer.[2]



  1. Most checks test this or Charisma but not all, so just the latter may not be enough
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