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Captain Maxson's diary is a series of holodisk notes written by Roger Maxson, the founder of the Brotherhood of Steel.



It can be downloaded from the vats control computer on level 4 of the Mariposa Military Base. The player character cannot actually acquire the holotape item as the contents are entered into the Pip-Boy 2000 directly.

Fallout 3

Found on the archive terminal at the Citadel.


Oct. 10 2077

I, Roger Maxson, Captain, serial number 072389 have started this log because it doesn't look good for any of us, and I'd like for people to know what really happened here.

All hell broke loose when we finally discovered what those scientist bastards were up to. The Colonel has locked himself in his office and seems to be having some sort of breakdown. The men are screaming for blood. They're looking to me for answers, and I'm not sure what to do. Someone has to do something, though, before this place sinks into an anarchistic bloodbath.

Oct. 12 2077

Every time we get a report from higher up things get worse here. The war is going in a very bad direction and this place is about to go into full mutiny, with all the chaos that entails. I stopped one of the men from executing a scientist today, and demanded that we interrogate them to find out what their orders were.

Oct. 13 2077

I killed a man today. I was interrogating Chief Scientist Anderson and he was giving me the full details of their inhuman experiments. He said his orders came from the Gov't., but I didn't buy it. He started screaming about how he was following orders, how he was a military man, and I just shot him. I tell myself it was to keep him from causing a full mutiny among the men, but I'm not so sure.

Oct. 15 2077

I tried again to speak to the colonel through the door, but he seems to have completely lost touch with reality. I broke down the door with several of the men just in time to watch him blow his head off. Right before he pulled the trigger he said he was sorry.

Oct. 18 2077

By killing the egghead, I seem to have confirmed my position as leader of the men. They follow me without question now. The interrogations invariably end up being executions. Shellman held out the longest, but the end result was the same. Her arguments about her orders were a bit too specific to be completely made up. I'm getting a real bad feeling in my gut about how this is all going to end up. I don't even lie to myself anymore about my reasons for executing the scientists.

Oct. 20 2077

I finally replied to the outside world over our radio. I don't know why they never sent anyone here to see what was happening when we stopped responding to their transmissions. It doesn't make any sense. Well, they'll come now. I declared ourselves seceded from the union. They remember Jefferson Davis. What will history say about me?

Oct. 22 2077

What the hell is going on? We declare ourselves to be in full desertion from the army and no longer under the Government's command and what happens? Nothing. Something bad is coming down.

Oct. 23 2077

I can't believe those bastards finally did it. Damn them all to Hell. They finally let the A-Bombs fly. We were right in the middle of trying to pry the real story out of von Felden when we completely lost contact. I have a feeling the research center was hit hard. I don't know why, just call it a gut feeling. It seems inconceivable that we were not targeted. I'm sure China will make up for that oversight real soon. Luckily, we had moved our families from outside into the facility the day before yesterday. We do not yet know if the fallout has reached this area.

Oct. 25 2077

Sgt. Platner volunteered to go outside today to take specific readings on the atmosphere. It seems the radiation has not spread this far. Since he was wearing his power armor, there was no threat to him from radiation, but if he had been exposed he would have had to be exiled. We don't have adequate decontamination facilities here.

Oct. 26 2077

I convinced the men that we should bury the scientists. I don't know why...perhaps it was to ease my conscience. I finally started to believe their stories when the last one was dying.

My God, what have I become?

Oct. 27 2077

We're leaving this godforsaken place today. I'm leading the exodus to the old government bunker at Lost Hills. I'm leaving this log behind to be buried when this place goes in the next exchange. Who knows, maybe someone will find it someday.....


  • The item description (though never seen by the player) is actually "Maxson's History".
  • In the PIP-Boy 2000, this entry is titled "Captain Maxson's Audio Diary".


The PIPBOY.MSG file contains two versions of this holodisk: Captain Maxson's diary, which is the one used in the actual game, and the Military Base disk. The differences are:

  • "with all the chaos it brings" instead of "with all the chaos that entails"
  • "He said his orders came from the government" instead of "He said his orders came from the Gov't."
  • "Jefferson Davis, eat your heart out" instead of "They remember Jefferson Davis. What will history say about me?"
  • "A-bombs" instead of "A-Bombs"
  • "oversight" and "seceded" instead of "oversite" and "seceeded"

Behind the scenes

The phrasing "I can't believe those bastards finally did it. Damn them all to Hell." is a reference to the ending of Planet of the Apes.