Captain Dunleavy's holotape is a holotape in Fallout 4. The tape is recorded by Mitch Dunleavy and plays a part in Liberty Reprimed.


Sentinel site, on a desk in the console room with Brother Henri and Atom's Wrath, near the large stockpile of nukes (close to the lift up).



This is Captain Mitch Dunleavy, 132nd Engineering Corps at Sentinel Site Prescott. All lines of communication are down and we're tracking multiple inbounds on radar. If this is a drill, we need confirmation immediately. We've got a lot of nervous soldiers over here, command. If this is the big one, they want to head home to their families before it's too late. Some of the inbounds are getting awfully close... wait a minute... the inbounds are splitting into multiple targets... Oh hell. This is it, isn't it? May God have mercy on our souls...

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