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Captain Cosmos is a quest in the Fallout 4 Creation Club content "Captain Cosmos."


After downloading the creation, the quest marker will lead to a broken-down Hubris Comics truck behind the Super Duper Mart. A Hubris delivery crate can be found here, containing a holotape labeled "Hubris delivery locations," a key to Hubris TV Studios, along with some toys, including eight Captain Cosmos toy boxes. The holotape directs the player character to Hub 360 and also lists the delivery locations the truck was delivering toys to. After picking up the key, go to Hub 360 and enter the studio, which is infested with radroaches and feral ghouls.

The quest marker leads to the cosmic cannon in the back room, where one will encounter Johnny Morton, the extra who was injured by the cosmic cannon using live ammunition, now a feral ghoul. After taking the cosmic cannon and dealing with Johnny, head down into the next part of the studio to find a way to open the door to the film studio. There are two ways to do this, either by finding one of the three keycards or by using the override terminal. Before doing so, make sure to pick up the Captain Cosmos space suit in the storage room in the back. In the film studio is a series of doors, one of which is locked and leads to the locker room. Inside are three more feral ghouls, one of which is Roy Ward Baker, the former director of the studio. In one of the upstairs rooms, there is one set of CC-00 power armor. The other is found on the set itself, however, once you approach the one on set you are attacked by Rod Stoddard, the actor who played Captain Cosmos, now a glowing one. After dealing with Rod, take the other suit of power armor and complete the quest.

Quest stages

Quest stages
StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
0 Find the Captain Cosmos DeliveryThere's a delivery truck somewhere in the Commonwealth containing a shipment of pre-war toys. I should find it and see if there's anything useful inside.
10 Read the Hubris Delivery TapeI've found a Hubris delivery truck, along with a shipment of toys and a delivery location holotape. I should read it and see what it says.
20 Investigate Hubris TV StudiosI've found a holotape stating there was a shipment of high-tech equipment from the United States Space Administration being used on the set of the Captain Cosmos TV show. I should get to the Hubris TV Studios and see what it is.
30 The receptionist's terminal inside Hubris TV Studios said that three pieces of specialized equipment were delivered here by the USSA before the Great War. They are somewhere inside the studio.
35 Use the Redemption Machine
40 Find the Cosmic CannonI found a holotape that led me to the Hubris Television Studios inside of Hub 360, where I found a set of CC-00 Power Armor, the Cosmic Cannon, and the Captain Cosmos Space Suit.
50 Find the Captain Cosmos Space Suit
60 Find the CC-00 Power Armor
100Quest finishedFind the Emergency Exit


The other delivery locations are WRVR broadcast station, General Atomics Galleria, and the Hubris Comics store.